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Earlier this week, we rolled out a major enhancement to TradePub.com and to your partner pages. In order to give your audience a more usable page and to help them easily find the offers they are looking for, we modified the industry list found within the left navigation of the site. Now, through a few intuitive clicks, categories will expand and collapse allowing your users to more efficiently discover content relevant to their needs. The TradePub offers have effectively expanded from 33 industries to more than 450 hierarchical categories.
Here's what's different: Now, when you go to your partner page and select any of the industries from the menu, you will see an expanded list with even more specific niches. This points your audience to offers that are better sorted and easier to find. Better Offer Sorting = Happier Users. Happier Users = Higher Earnings. If you want to link to a specific niche category that you find in the new list, all you need to do is grab the URL displayed in your browser as you click through the industry hierarchy:
You'll also notice the "breadcrumbs" feature showing you where various offers have been filed:
Please Note: Every link you have already created from the old category pages will continue to work. You do not need to make any edits. Let us know if you notice this making a difference to your earnings.
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I've already started seeing it and liking it very much.

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this is very useful for me, i like it especially when i'm looking at that specific magazine title.

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Are you planning to offer a search filter by geographic region of the intended audience ?

Since some offers are only for USA and/or Canada and/or UK and it would help users to find offers that are available.

Regarding the Geographic elegibility: "Selected International" Can you please be more specific and provide the name of the countries ? Because users wont fill a long survey if they dont see their country listed, and if someone fills it, most of the times it would end as a Reject.

just my 2 cents

Thank you!

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This sorting is very useful and will save time of the visitors. But i think "Telecom" which is now under Information Technology(Subcategory- Networking & Communications---> Telecom Services), can have a separate category. Its a big industry & users may find it difficult to locate under its new placing.