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A few weeks ago, I blogged about 5 ways to make RevResponse work better using techniques that may not be obvious first-hand. In this post, I'm going to feature one more that allows you to hand-pick specific offers you want to display in your RevResponse Ads, Confirmation Page, Offer Lightbox, Slideout Box, TopBar and others. This is useful when you want to specify a couple of offers or highlight one of our exclusive bundles we roll out every now and then. Important: This trick is recommended for those who are familiar with editing HTML. Also, keep in mind that we constantly update our offer catalog and some may be taken down and replaced over time.

Step 1: Select the Offers you'd like to Feature

Pop over to the Offer Catalog and either select a Category that pertains to the topic of your site or input a Keyword that relates to your content. In this example I've selected "Startups."

A list of relevant offers will appear in order of highest earnings potential. Scroll through the results, read the titles and descriptions and open up separate tabs for those you like. From there you can learn more information or you can grab the link to start promoting it.

Alternatively, you can also visit our publication site, TradePub.com, and filter by keyword or topic.

Step 2: Grab the Offer Codes IDs

Every offer has a unique offer code link that allows us to track what's being promoted, how many times it's downloaded and so on. The offer code is always at the end of the offer URL after the equal sign. See an example below:

how to find RevResponse offer code

When you have the resources you want to promote ready, go through each of your links and write down each offer code separated by a comma.

Step 3: Add those IDs to your Code

To modify your code for all tools expect Flash Ads, simply add these IDs to your code plus an additional prefix we'll discuss below and the tool will not display any other resources.

To continue using the example above, let's say you've decided to add a Slideout Box to your site and you want it to only cycle through three startup-related offers. First, generate the code for the Slideout Box after selecting your color preference and categories. Next, copy and add it between the body tags of your site. Before you save it, add "&offers=" and your offer codes after the equal sign where "key=&trk=" is shown (without the quotes). A space between them is not needed. An example is shown below.

How to specify offers in RevResponse tools

To modify Flash Ads, follow the same instructions above expect you're going to insert "&offers=" and the offer codes after both instances "hicat=" appears as shown in the screenshot.

How to specify offers in Flash ads

Save your page and test the page to ensure it shows up properly. For the Slideout Box specifically, scroll down one of your pages to trigger it. Up to 28 offer codes can be inserted or the Internet will blow up (not really, that's just the maximum we can accept at the moment).

We're working on making this easier to do in a future release. In the meantime, try this tip to pinpoint specific offers you'd like to share. Good luck on your promotions!

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