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The third quarter flew by and as we've done previously after Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, we diligently went over every lead and dollar you've generated over the last three months to extract the most useful performance data.

We looked at the most leads and revenue a partner has generated and shared their Quarter 3 records. We analyzed the leads to see where they came from, the types of company sizes selected and the job positions most frequently listed. We also compared our various monetization tools to see which came out on top.

And we didn't stop there. We went even deeper and you'll notice we also shared specific partner data such as how many applicants are actually accepted to our network, where they live and the highest a partner has generated in one month (which is over $23,000 by the way!).

Finally, we featured the RSS to Email tool and how well certain partners are doing by taking advantage of our Referral Program.

I'll be quiet now so you can take a look. We hope it will sprout ideas you can leverage. As always, your feedback and comments are always welcome!

RevResponse Q3 Infographic
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