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As we've pointed out in the past, on any given month you're collectively driving around 30-40% of the overall leads we process from outside the US. With that being the case, we've been focused on offering more diverse monetization options outside of the US and would like to highlight some of our more recent strides. Before getting into specifics, I'd like to suggest that you take a first step and review your web analytics package (likely Google Analytics) and identify the top 5 regions where your audience is located. Take your findings, jump over to our Offer Catalog, and take a look at the offer availability in said countries. Below are few specific examples based on current inventory: OFFER AVAILABILITY BY COUNTRY:
  • UK= 2,801
  • Mexico= 2,745
  • Australia= 2,734
  • Brazil= 2,724
  • Indonesia= 2,711

As a reminder, our best performing partners tend to utilize blogging and email blasts in their promotional mix. If you have a social media following or LinkedIn Group, these international offers may work there as well. Good luck regardless and let us know if you have any questions or need any help with creative/ideas. We're always here to help...happy promoting!
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