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Update: The July Challenge will end at the end of day Thursday July, 31. If you've signed up for the challenge but have yet to email me your review, please make sure you do so by Thursday. All of you who have submitted reviews that meet the specifications of the challenge will receive your reward in your August payment. In order to get paid, make sure that your account details in "my account" are up-to-date. Thanks to all of you participating! The Challenge... Want to fatten your wallet with an extra $50? We’re making it easier than ever to do just that. We probably shouldn’t even call this a challenge – it’s too simple! All you have to do for the bonus cash is write about RevResponse. You pump our program in 200 words or more on your site, and we’ll hand you the money. Goal: Promote the RevResponse program to your audience. Rewards: RevResponse will add $50 to your July earnings OR send you a gift certificate to the online merchant of your choice. *This reward is in addition to any referral commission you will generate from the partners who join the program due to your promo. All you need to do is: 1. Contact Karen Schubert to let her know that you accept the July challenge. 2. Write up a review of the RevResponse program on your site – it must be at least 200 words and include at least one link to RevResponse.com. 3. Send Karen a link to your write-up. 4. Tell us where to send your reward! *If you aren’t a blogger and/or aren’t interested in writing about RevResponse, you may not get the $50 bonus, but you can still up your earnings by promoting the program to your audience via one of these 125x125 promos:
Make sure you link to RevResponse with your referral code in order to get referral credit! How to use your Referral link: http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=’BRANDCODE’. So, if your co-branded site is http://sitename.tradepub.com, your referral link would be: http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=sitename. The fine print: One reward per partner per month. *This contest is only available to partners who have converted to the RevResponse system. If you have yet to sign-up to access the new portal, please click here.
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Nice one :)
I wanted to know whether the payment would directly made to my paypal account if asked after the review?

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Thank you for your interest. If you decided to write the review and it meets the requirements listed in the blog post, you will receive the $50 in your earnings check from us. This reward would be added to the check we’d be cutting on/around August 15. Since you've chosen to receive your earnings via PayPal, it would be paid via PayPal sometime in August.

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Thanks Karen!
I would just post the review after learning the interface well, and then mail you the post link.


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Can I embed my 250 word review within a 1000 word post or does it have to be on a separate post?

also, do we get paid for referrals?


Karen's picture

We'd prefer if the review of RevResponse stands on its own. Don't forget, it can be longer than 200 words -- that's just the minimum.

Yes, you'll be paid for the referrals. Just make sure you use your referral link!

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Great. It looks like a good, honest review. Thank you. We'll get you your reward next month. Keep up the great work and let us know if you want help with promoting our offers.

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Hey Karen, Thank to give me any opportunity to join RevResponse Network, and here is my Url Post for your Jully's Challenge :


Let you check out and Thank.

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Never thought of actually posting about the write-up here. If fellow RevResponsers are interested, this is how I did my 200 words earlier this month:


Dave Bradley

raynopssgold's picture

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the approval and I'm glad to become one of the revresponse members.

I've posted the review and you might want to check it out at:


Hope you will love it.


pakchannel's picture

Hi Karen,

Thanks for providing us a chance to be part of RevResponse dynamic system.

I am glad to accept the July Challenge. I have wrote my review on my website. Here is the link for your reference.


Let me know about your feedback


Sajjad Naveed

sd766's picture

Hi Karen, heres the link to my post for the July challenge.

I'll also email you my details.
Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to working with RevResponse!


sd766's picture

Hi again Karen, I just wanted to make sure my post was ok and that you got my email from me? Please let me know. Thanks

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I am not sure but somehow feeling that its not been paid.. same with earlier June contest as well...can you pls clarify me on both of these..



Karen's picture

Hi Alpesh,
You are correct that you never got paid for those two contests. The reason for that is because you didn't complete them.

For June, you took on the challenge to increase your subscriptions by 50 or more however you didn't reach the goal.

For July, you did post a review of RevResponse, but I have responded to you letting you know that it was too short to qualify for the prize. The post was required to be 200 words or more. Yours was around 100. If you look at the comments on this blog you'll see that I responded to you asking you to bulk up the review.

I am sorry for any confusion you might have had. We love your enthusiasm and participation in our program and hope you continue to take us up on the challenges we offer. The more you attempt the more likely you are to be paid a prize!

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I saw your response on July contest on the blog now.. early I got an email saying that there was no link provided to the revresponse which I added in the same month..

About June contest, these are the subs I generated

2008-05 58
2008-06 161

Karen's picture

Thanks for the note. I just forwarded an email to you that I'd sent you at the end of July reminding you to correct your write-up for that contest. I hope that clarifies.

As for June, I apologize. That is my error. Thank you very much for pointing it out. I will make sure that you are paid the reward for that contest in your next check. Thank you for understanding.

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Well, I've sent a link to a post of mine from my blog. Hope the post qualify.

Karen's picture

Hi boxmeister -- I didn't get your link. Can you please re-send it (kschubert@netline.com)? I'll let you know if it qualifies once I see the post. Thanks!

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Hi Karen,

I like your bonus program! I can certainly write an article on my site, but comparing to writing an article on a well known forum, I think you get much better exposure on forum. I actually wrote a post on bloggerforum.com yesterday about your program. Within a day it has been viewed by more than 100 times. Do you think my post on bloggerforum qualify your $50 bonus?


IT News Wire - High tech news filtered by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

Karen's picture

As much as we'd love it, we can't endorse and reward posts on sites that you don't own. While I know it isn't your intention, allowing partners to be rewarded for posting about us on forums could lead us down a slippery slope where our partners could possibly spam forums leading to a bad reputation for us.

That said, we'll be happy to reward you if/when you review our program on your site and I look forward to reading that review.

Keep up the great work!

psyphi's picture

So does that mean a blogspot or myspace blog doesn't qualify? I have to have a blog on my own registered domain to qualify?

Karen's picture

Blogging on a blog that you own is 100% acceptable. It's a matter of paying our partners for posting on forums that gets tricky. Many of our partners solely have blogspot accounts. Feel free to post your review there. We just can't reward you for cluttering forum boards with shout-outs about RevResponse.

I hope this clarifies!

ITNewsWire's picture

Hi Karen,

I have added one post on my blog http://www.itnewswire.info to review RevResponse program. You can see the article from the following link:


Please review it and let me know if you want me to change anything. If this is qualified, I'd prefer you adding the $50 to my account - ITNewsWire.


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Another great review! Thanks.

weblord's picture

here's the site review i've done, thanks for seeing.


khardah's picture

Have dropped you an email with the link for my review.
I hope this is good for the 50 bucks :-)


netman988's picture

Hi Karen
Here is my link to RevResponse Review

agent001's picture

Hello Karen
I have reviewed RevResponse on my Blog. I feel it is good enough. I ended up writing 600 words.
My Review Link: http://greatestreviews.net/service-and-product-reviews/money-making/earn...

rintobiz's picture

Hello Karen,
I accept the July Challenge. Here is a link to my revresponse review:


I also have sent you email, please check. And let me know if it qualifies. thank you

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One more suggestion..50$ is for everyone whosoever writes a review.. Also add more fun by selecting the best and unique review of july and it also..gets some extra..cash..This would encourage more to use this opportunity...

theboxmeister's picture

Now, don't get me wrong, not that I don't want some extra cash but, to pay someone 50$ just to review your site!? Do you pay 50$ for 1 review? And your review shoud make you more money if someone register trough your referal link. Well you see where are those extra money in your review? The bether he is more money come to your way.

Manpreet_Singh's picture

Oh dont get me wrong..It was just a random thought to reward the best review and I meant that extra cash for best review only..not for everyone :)

Karen's picture

This is an interesting thought... we'll bank it for a later date. BoxMeister is right, the incentive for writing a great review is the referral earning potential a great write-up can bring you.

To everyone who has posted on this thread - your reviews are looking great!

Manpreet_Singh's picture

Absolutely right..Thanks for bringing up these beautiful contest, Rather an awesome giveaway..I would say its raining 50$ss via RevResponse..:)

jankari's picture

Hi Karen,

I've written up a review on my blog. Please check. Thanks.




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Hi. The July Challenge is Awesome!

I just made a post about RevResponse here.


i'll send an email to you as well Karen.

playsafe's picture

Here is my blog where I taken up the challenge


Please review.

Paypal is preference.



Karen's picture

Looks great!

gusher's picture

I'm accepting the July Challenge. Here's my post:


Hope my post would be accepted. Thanks. :-)

Karen's picture

Thanks for the write-up!

Karen's picture

I'm glad you're not waiting any longer. Great review! Keep up the good work =)

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Dear Karen,

Here's the link to my honest thoughts about RevResponse. That would be my submission for the much-talked-about July Challenge.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity share our views and earn some money! :-)

Home Biss Blog

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I will promote RevResponse from http://passiveearners.com/ and my popular Squidoo Lens (see below), found you while EntreCarding, must go and check if I've written 200 words

See you at the top!
David Rayner
Internet Businesses you can start during your Coffee Break!

Karen's picture

This a good start. It's a little short of the 200 words. If you beef it up a little we'll be happy to submit the reward for you.

thesuccess's picture

Hi Karen
I 've written 253 words and also added you to my popular Squidoo lens (see below).
Please let me know if I've met your requirements. I have also recommended you to my peer group marketingmavens.
See you at the top!

David Rayner
Internet Businesses you can start during your Coffee Break!

Karen's picture

Perfect! See you up there =)

whataboutblog's picture

Hi Karen,

Please see my RevResponse review: http://www.whataboutblog.com/50-bucks-check-revresponse/