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If you’re looking to narrow the offers that are showing in the wizard promotions, here’s a trick to help you do just that. *Note: this targeting is currently only supported on the javascript versions of the widgets. Here’s what you do: 1. Generate the javascript promotion module you’d like to use on your site. (Selecting a category will limit the search of relevant offers to the category you have defined. If you want to be sure that offers outside of your selected category are included, be sure to leave the category setting to 'All'). 2. Grab the code. 3. Look for the 'key=' portion of the code and insert a keyword you are looking to target our offers towards. Below is an example of us inserting the term "IBM" into a widget. You can continue to refresh the page to see the widget refresh through all of the IBM offers currently available.

Play around with keywords to promote specific titles, target certain job titles, or any other criteria you can think of. *Note: the 'key=' function works better when you limit it to one keyword.

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