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Note: If you added this the TopBar before December 2012, please update your code by reinstalling it.

We launched the TopBar back in May of 2012 as part of 3 brand new monetization tools. The goal was to provide another way to monetize a resource in a unique way. This particular one displays one featured offer every time a visitor comes to your page or refreshes. It can easily be minimized or maximized per a reader's preference. An example is shown below.

TopBar example

The TopBar can be added in 3 steps. First, select your brand if you have multiple sites. Don't skip the channel code field and add "TopBar" so you can distinguish how much revenue it's bringing in through the "Report by Channel" page. Select a color that matches or compliments your site design, then choose the categories that correspond with your site theme (and be as specific as possible to optimize your conversions). If it looks good on the "Preview" pane, generate the ad code and copy it on your header or index file.

Always test to make sure it appears properly before pushing the change live. Here's a screenshot of an example I created:

another TopBar example

Readers skip banner ads 99.9% of the time, monetize your site using our creative and native advertising tools. Already have the TopBar installed? Let us know in the comments and we may feature it in another blog post!

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