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We’ve told you time and time again that standalone email promotions are among the most effective ways for our partners to quickly generate subs and revenue. In the past we’ve challenged you to create your own mailings as a way to up your earnings. But now, it is no longer a challenge to pull these newsletters together. We’ve made it simpler than ever to create a customized e-newsletter featuring our free offer to your audience. Introducing the RevResponse Newsletter Wizard! Bill Shaughnessy, a RevResponse partner from EDGAR Online, tested out the Newsletter Wizard and said “RevResponse makes it so easy to create email offerings within minutes. You get professional looking creative in less than 2 minutes. It’s a breeze now to creative value-added offers to our clients.” Here’s how it works… To get to the Newsletter Wizard, visit the Ad Wizard and click the Newsletter Wizard tab. Follow the 5 steps to create an HTML or text-based mailing featuring our free offers. 1. In the first step, determine the number of offers you’d like to highlight in your newsletter. You can also choose to create a 4-offer text-based mailing. Click “Preview Selected Template” to see a full sized version of the different options. Once you’ve selected the template, click next. * In step 4 you will be able to upload your own header if you would rather have something more custom than the blue header you see in the template. 2. On step two, you can select which of your sites you’re promoting from. This step applies to partners who have multiple partner pages associated with their account. Additionally, here you can add a tracking channel code so that you can see how well the newsletter performs. 3. In the third step you have the option of browsing our catalog to select the specific offers you’d like displayed in your mailing OR you can choose to have RevResponse auto-fill your mailing with offers from a selected category, geography, and type. Choose the button for your method of selecting offers and continue through the process here. When selecting individual offers, click the number of offers related to your template and then click “Build My Newsletter” to return to the wizard and complete the remaining steps in developing your mailing. When choosing to auto-fill, select your category, geography, and content type; then save the parameters to return to the wizard and complete the remaining steps in developing your mailing. 4. On step 4, you can customize your newsletter header. Feel free to use the default header we’ve created OR upload your own. Additionally, you can download a .psd version of our default header and edit that graphic to your liking. After selecting your header option, please fill in your contact information for the footer. We will use the information you include to create a CAN-SPAM compliant footer message. 5. Lastly, preview your creative and if it meets your needs, get the code. You will copy this code and paste it into your own email editor in order to send it into your opted-in email recipients. Sending the newsletter In order to send an HTML mailing to a large email recipient list we recommend utilizing an email marketing service. In the case that you’re not currently using such a vendor, below are a few recommended email marketing service providers you may want to review. Many of them offer free trials. iContact Constant Contact VerticalResponse MyEmma.com MailerMailer If you’d prefer to send the mailing on your own, here’s a simple trick for getting the HTML to display properly with Microsoft Outlook: 1. Copy and paste our final HTML code into Notepad. 2. Save the Notepad file with a .html extension. 3. Open the saved file in Explorer. 4. Select File -> Send -> Page By Email. 5. This will open the HTML file in outlook. Here you can import your contact list and create a subject line before mailing. *Give this new tool a try and let us know what you think!
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wow, revresponse/tradepub really rocks, you're unbeatable now and this is an awesome tool to have, i totally agree with you.

in fact i've written an article about it
Email Marketing and Opt In List Building: On Keeping Online Businesses Profitable
and good old American Chronicle approved it's content.
check it out as well

you rock and you're awesome thank you very much for this great tool.

ive started using it on and instead made it a blog content post see it here

i've used the autofill and i hope it sense in any way what i've already published and as well if you have move it like one more step integrate a live mailing list manager, that will be cool as well.

again this is a very invaluable tool.

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I have been growing some list and did not what to do in order to market to them. This is a great way to do that. I wonder. Will this work with yahoo or does one need to have outlook or a similar program for it to work?

Reverend Abad

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You'll be best served by using one of the 3rd party email services like those I mentioned in the blog post. Best of luck. Let us know how the mailing works out for you.