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When a match isn't found on your "&key=" parameter the banner throws up the same 3 results. Please randomize. Also "&key=aircraft" gives us great results, but "&key=aircraft design" gives us the same results found when no good match is available. How about changing the logic and doing a partial keyword match left to right if no results are found on the whole string? You can see the results I'm talking about on our homepage ( - do a search and then look at results in banner on right column half-way down search result page. Also - I would like channels as well (I see someone else asked for this). This way I could set up a different channel for diffent types of ad placements (for instance - how does the banner do on my search results page vs. software page; how does a horizontal banner do vs. a vertical one; etc.)
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Hi SoftScout – Welcome to RevResponse! I’m happy to see you participating in the forums. I just popped over to your site to check out your search function and I have to say kudos for what you’ve set up on your end. Setting up your internal search to optimize the pubs that display is sure to help you generate great earnings with us.

Your keyword search logic suggestion is a great one. It’s one of those items that we’ll be sure to work on in the future as the RevResponse programs grows and improves. With that being said, the way our search works now, is that when multiple terms are entered as a keyword, offers will only show if both of those terms are found. Because the keyword search currently works that way, we have it set that when a direct match is not obtained the results will show offers that have proven themselves to convert well for our publishers regardless of their contextual position. The decision has been made to promote our best performing offers across the network to your audience when a direct match is not obtained. You’ll see these offers change day to day based on what is available.

One thing you may want to consider on your site, is the use of Category targeting vs. Keyword targeting. For the areas on your site where you link by "industry specifics," you will get better results if you select categories or even just shorten your keyword selections. I reviewed the keyword you are using on your Manufacturing Industries page and would suggest you may be better served simply selecting the Category “Industrial & Manufacturing” from the wizard to insure that you are rotating through all of the offers available to that category. The keywords certainly cut down your matching results, as they should, but they could limit the amount of content you make available. It’s something to test either way to see what provides a better fit for your needs.

As for the report by channels, that’s high up on our priority list and we’ll be rolling that out in a month or so. It’s coming so keep an eye out!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager for any of your specific needs. And, as always, keep posting on the forum and in the comments section of the blogs. Your feedback is priceless.

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Thanks for the suggestion. For the most part the matching is good. I'm going to hold off on the manual category matching for now (would be a little too time consuming since we have 690 categories of software on our site) :) So I really would like to see some more options out of your banner in the future. Maybe give us the option to do partial matches? "&partialmatch=1"?


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Agreed, Adam. We definitely know it's something we need to work on and to perfect. More options will certainly be available in time. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.