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Hi, I noticed the online reports have not been updated for 031108. The last report is 031008. Deb
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Hi Deb,

All of the reports update with information from the previous day at 11am EST. You'll have access to yesterday's data (03/11/08) at 11:00am EST today.

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You are both very efficient/observant. I just got an email from one of our developers letting me know that there was an error when running numbers this morning. The email reports that went out showed zero earnings and likewise, the RevResponse Reports weren't accurately updated.

We're fixing the problem right now and your data should be updated within the hour. Thanks for your patience and questions.

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Still no fresh report. I doubt if data has been lost of yesterday's earnings.

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My account is showing no updates since the 9th.

Please advise.



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Hi Josh,
It looks like your account is showing no update for those days because you did not have any activity on our offers over those 2 days. If there is no activity, no reports are generated.

Consider contacting your account manager to give you ideas for the best ways to promote our offers on your site. You account manager is Laurie Sparango (

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Everything is working fine for me now.

Thanks for investigating this.

Deb Alloway

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I logged out then again logged in and now everything working fine.

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Hello all. I just went in and checked the reports for each of you. I'm seeing earnings from yesterday for all three of you. Try logging out and then back in to RevResponse. It may be a caching problem.

If you still can't see the earnings let me know. You all have earnings from yesterday and the data is displaying now. Thanks again for your patience!