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Hi, What If I like a magazine and want to subscribe to it. Can I do that? Thanks.
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If you want to subscribe to any of the offers, feel free. If you qualify for the magazine, you'll start getting the subscription and you'll earn revenue from that sub.

I must caution you, however, that you must sign up for offers that you legitimately are qualified for. Please do not attempt to boost your earnings by signing up for offers. We have filters in place to check for fraudulent subscriptions and we will terminate partnership with anyone who tries to "trick" the system to boost their subscriptions.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for the word of caution.

Referral schemes are quiet beneficial and they need to time to grow, which would mean long term nurturing and associations. :)


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I had another couple of notes for you about signing up for offers. Generally, one or more of the following is required to be qualified for an offer:

1. Your work requires you to be informed and up-to-date about the subject matter covered by the trade publication,

2. You need information about the types of products that are advertised or discussed in the trade publication, and/or

3. You evaluate, recommend and/or purchase types of products that are advertised or discussed in a trade publication.

Publishers are interested in specific job titles and job functions, but may also evaluate and determine qualification based on other criteria asked in their qualification form. Additionally, publishers' criteria may change from time to time, based on their overall demographic needs and requirements.