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Is there a reason for having the phrase "get this widget and get paid" exposed to our readers. My readers aren't interested in building a marketing site, they visit to find information and resources that are useful to them. May I (and how can I) remove it? Thanks. Boyd Carter
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Hi Boyd,
The reason we have that little insert in there is to allow any of your site visitors the option to join RevResponse and boost your referral earnings.

You do have the option to display that text or not. If you'd prefer not to show the header/footer of our widgets all you have to do is un-check the "show header/footer graphics" when creating your widget:

A widget without the header/footer will look like:

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Karen, please see my second note above your response (don't know how it ended up up there.

Boyd Carter

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Thanks for the explanation. I like the header and would like to continue to use it, and I have no objection to an advertising blurb at the bottom. I guess I'm objecting more to the "in-your-face" sound of it than of the intent. :)

Perhaps something like this would sound better?

Have a website? Click here for an earnings opportunity!

Boyd Carter

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My audience is primarily industry professionals with their own sites who are also resellers. Instead of subscribing to the publications they could sign up as marketers and I would not earn a dime from the subscriptions.

As soon as they are aware of my source I am done. I want to keep it transparent.

I would like to keep the header but remove the footer in the widgets. Is there any way to do this?

Rick Savoia

The Force Field
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Hi Rick,
Unfortunately that is not an option at this time but I will start the conversations about adding this into our tool. Thank you for the suggestion.

In the meantime, if you'd like help creating a banner or ad space that includes specific text, reach out to your account manager, Vince ( He'll be happy to help you with your creative needs.