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Hello! I've noticed that my visitors are getting arround a 75% of rejections. I think that this is due to the fact that they arrive to a cobranded site (http://gobiernotic.tradepub.com ) that doesn't show them filtered offers in the international section and that the RSS feed with the offers also is giving all the possible papers and magazines. It would be really nice to be able to show only (for example) International AND IT Related offers (both in the cobranded site, the RSS feeds and the widgets). I'm asking this because my websites are IT focused but for the spanish speaking market, so the visitors are almost always from Spain or South America. Thanks!! Antonio Valle http://www.gobiernotic.es
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Hi Antonio,
These are all valid requests and I will point you in the direction to solve as many as possible.

I recommend that when linking from your homepage to your co-branded site, you point your visitors directly to the international page. You can do that by using this link: http://gobiernotic.tradepub.com/?pt=cat&page=_INTL. Additionally, you can create other links that send your audience directly to the IT offers: http://gobiernotic.tradepub.com/?pt=cat&page=Info. Unfortunately, at this time we can't set you up with a landing page that shows only International/IT offers.

The next thing you can do, is search for offers that specifically match those requirements by using the offer catalog. Here you can select offers that meet your geographic and industry needs. Then you can blog about them on your site or ask you account manager to create a special banner displaying the offers you choose.

The widgets that we have do target by geography. They read your users' IP addresses and display offers that will most likely be a fit for their location. We are working to create widget offerings that would allow you to choose the offers that display and hope to release that in the near future.

If you have additional questions/requests feel free to post here or ask your account manager.

I hope this helps.

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Hello Karen,
this (filtering capability) is exactly what we need
to improve our acceptance rate. It will make us prosper
as well as revresponse, right? =)

So we are waiting for those filtering-thing ASAP.

PS :
my suggestion, please make
filtering rules based on

1/ language
2/ country
3/ category
4/ MIX of 1 + 2 + 3

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Your request has been noted and I'll see what we can do.

If you know your user-base (the language they speak, countries they come from, and category they are most interested in) I recommend that you place some featured offers on your site that fit those requirements. By using the offer catalog you can find publications that match these filters and blog about them for your audience as opposed to simply sending them to your partner page. You'll have the most success that way.

Keep up the great work and keep the recommendations coming. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Thanks For The Response, Karen =)

i already placed some featured offer in my newsletter,
but still the user can browse for other offers
in my duplicate site ^^

how about i place a link to the subscription form
directly in my newsletter, so they can't go anywhere else?

(i Pre-Sell the magazines in my newsletter, and give a link
in there as well.... )

is it violationg any TOS?

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I think that either way is OK. You can send your newsletter subscribers to your partner page where they search for any offers or you can send them directly the the qualification for a specific offer. That is up to you.

I'm not sure what you mean by "pre-sell the magazines in my newsletter." Could you email me an example of a newsletter where you do this (karen@revresponse.com)?


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Hi Karen. The newsletter is sent on day 35,
5 days after my i finished my autoresponder
campaign for promoting my own product
{a product in Indonesia } =)

I don't sure you can understand what i say
since my newsletter is Indonesia language.

Bu in english, it's somewhat like this ::


Hello (Name), how are you doing?

Hey, i've got something you'll really2 like.
That's a business FREE week magazine for you!

In case you don't know what business week magazine
is >> it is one of the most popular business magazine
in the world.

{....here i tell them the benefit of subscribing....}
{....and of course i tell them that it's free.....}
{....and this is what I called Pre-Selling to them.....}

in the end of email, I tell them to go to
to get the magazine. That's how it is.

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You can definitely do that. It sounds good to me.