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Placing ads in the traditional IAB space of your site may be the quickest way to get started with RevResponse but there are plenty of additional, and possibly more lucrative, ways to increase your earnings with our offers.
  • Try highlighting a few of the magazines or downloads as contextually relevant offers relating to the content of your site.
  • When you write a new blog post or update the news section of your site, add a note to the bottom or side of the post that reads "Recommended Reading:"
  • Then include a link to a magazine or download that resonates with the topic you're featuring.
  • You can find related publications by searching the offer catalog or by browsing your partner page.
It’s not uncommon for partners to see an increase in earnings of more than 70% over what they’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets. Be creative. Any way you integrate RevResponse offers into your site, newsletter, or blog will increase visibility, clicks, and conversions which in-turn boosts your revenue.
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