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Hi, I have these 2 website Official Notebook and Bicycle Resources that built using same CMS. The problem is I don't know where and how to put this magazine revresponse ads there since that CMS use Smarty template, any help around?
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Hi Suraja,

Some of the RevResponse team is looking into these templates for you and will give you some advice soon. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, have you looked at our Ad Wizard? That is a good place to start if you are trying to develop ad codes for our content in order to place it in your site.

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Have you managed to figure out how to add our promotions to your sites yet? I see you have Google AdSense running on your pages. You should be able to add our HTML codes in a similar fashion. Visit the Ad Wizard, create an ad, and then paste the code into your site just like you did with AdSense.

If you still have problems, let me know. With a little more information about the templates you're using and how you build out your site we can help you in more detail.

Good luck.

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Just wondering what CMS your using for these sites?