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to all fellow partners out there, i know it's hard to promote and im gonna help you out on twitter my profile there is twitter.com/weblord and i have created a twitter bot called @DmTwit http://twitter.com/dmtwit Bio Turn Your DM into Twits. Just DM to me all twits you want me twitting. i keep on promoting that twitter tool bot on my e-books, blogs, websites, newsletter and all you have to do is dm (of course you have to follow before you can send a dm) to the bot your promotional free magazine website from time to time (allow at least 10 to 15 minutes to allow comments and feedback of others) and there you have it it's a free tool just created yesterday. all dm (direct messages) you send to @DmTwit http://twitter.com/dmtwit will be broadcasted as a public twit automatically (it also auto follows and auto unfollows max of 15 minutes) so it's a win-win situation, from time to time using my profile @Weblord I will twit promote @DmTwit to all my 5,400++ followers and they get to read your promotion (even without following @DmTwit) awesome isn't it??
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So what should we do to get your help?


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i've already mentioned how read again in the first post.

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