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What? Why? etc.
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Hi Ernie.

I'm happy to provide you with more information about rejections and hopefully provide some tips to help you change those percentages.

Rejection rates vary based on your specific audiences and the offers you are trying to promote. If a subscriber qualifies for an offer they are accepted and counted as a subscription (you get paid). But there are qualifying criteria that vary for each offer. The magazine/offer publishers determine the qualifying criteria for subscribers.

The way our service works is that you get paid on qualified leads. If you see that some of your subscriptions are rejected, that is because your audience did not meet the qualifications set by the publisher to receive an offer.

We are able to pay you for the subscriptions you generate because we are paid for generating leads for the clients that supply those offers. Some of these clients set up rejection criteria. That criteria can be something like qualified leads must come from individuals who work for companies with a certain amount of employees. That's just one example.

The good news is that the more difficult the subscription is to generate (and the more rejection criteria it has) the higher the payout is when your audience does qualify.

Factors affecting the success of subscription request vary by the offers. They can be affected by job title, company size, location, etc.

The most common reason subscriptions are rejected is geographical location. If most of your audience members are from international regions, consider utilizing our offer catalog to choose promotions that will match their regions.

Some suggestions for lowering reject rates include:
1. Send generic promotions to the home page of your partner site. The home page of your partner page dynamically optimizes itself every day based on what your audience has found success in requesting.
2. Featured Offer Posts: Find offers that not only contextually serve your audience’s needs but also serve their geographic location.
3. If most of your traffic is international, you may want to highlight the International Category page. The link to that page can be found in the navigation of your partner site.

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Hi Karen,

although I totally understand the need to qualify. I'm wondering if being rejected gives a bad taste in the mouths of my blog readers who want the free report that I'M encouraging them to get. Is there a better way for me to state the call to action based on your experience that may elude to the fact that not everyone may qualify? I'm sorry, I've never attempted to download anything myself so I don't know what my readers encounter. Perhaps I should do that.

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Ernie - go ahead and apply for the report yourself. You'll see that you will receive it even if you aren't counted in our system as a qualified subscriber.

For users who submit a form requesting downloadable content (such as the report you are featuring) they will always receive the offer and never be told that they are rejected. If they meet the qualifying criteria, they receive the offer, their information is provided to the offer publisher, and you are paid. If they don't meet the qualifying criteria, they still receive the offer (if it is downloadable) BUT their information is not provided to the publisher, we are not paid for that user and therefore we cannot pay you.

We still provide the content to that user for the sake of managing our your users' experience. In order to provide a positive user experience for your audience, we do not want to have them sign up for offers with you only to receive a rejection notice. We provide the content to them to protect your reputation and relationship with your audience.

*This is not the case with magazine subscriptions as our clients will not mail out hard copies to unqualified individuals. You'll see that on your partner page in the description it reads "all are absolutely free to professionals who qualify." You can use that as your disclaimer as well.

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Great! Thank you for your help.

God Bless.

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Hello Vijay,

You asked this same question the other day on a different thread.

The answer is still the same: users must subscribe for themselves through your partner URL.

If you fill out the forms yourself, it will be deemed unethical. This practice would quickly be caught by our fraud system, and; in that case, your account would be terminated.

If you wish to give your users free subscriptions as a gift, please do so by providing them with a link to various offers and letting them know that they are welcome to subscribe to any/all offers that are relevant to them. But THEY must fill out the qualification forms from their own computers in their own locations, and they must qualify for those offers.

If you know the geographic location of your subscribers, you can search the offer catalog to find magazines and downloads that are available to them.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for this response, I was worried about this too. I can start now with ease of mind.

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Hi Karen,

I too had quite a few rejections and wondering what was the matter and found this thread on the forum and now I understand the criteria. Thanks.

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How to know if a particular offer is downloadable or not?

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Arunrev - The downloadable offers are found in the offer catalog under the "white papers" menu. You will also notice a difference in the way the offer URLs are formatted.

Magazines simply have an abbreviated version of their name in the URL.
EXAMPLE, Profit Magazine:

Downloads have an abbreviated version of the publisher's name in the URL and all begin with "w_".
EXAMPLE, Death to PST Files:

I hope this helps.

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There is an excellent service at You can sign up with them -no cost- and get a single line of javascript. With that script and the service, you can selectively keep a list of countries from even seeing your site - or just some pages.

I use it very successfully to reduce fraudulent applications to my member area but it could certainly be used to target certain users.

Tom Mahoney, Director

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Hello :
Since i read this message on the first days of february, I opened an account at geodetector.
But it seems :
1. the code is not tracking at all (at least in my case) neither blocking IP from countries not desired.
2. The support is not working neither

Good idea of service but it seems people there have left up the boat !
Since 2th February, no statistics neither answers from 2 tickets to support.

If anybody know something about these guys...

Thanks for the idea anyway


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You are so right. I have the code on my pages but haven't been to the GeoDetector site in ages. I went there when I saw your message and I don't have any stats after November of 2008.

At any rate, I know it was a free service and I've been promoting it on my site. If I still have contact information on the guy, I'll contact him and see what his plans are.

Thanks for the heads up and I apologize for the wild goose chase.

Tom Mahoney, Director

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I am so interested to stop at my web site many visitors from some countries
I have a solution through htaccess but it is very heavy database of Ip and surely will slow the web site.
Have you search any solution for this problem ?
Geodetector would have been the PERFECT solution even paying !!!


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Finally, I got my system !

From 78% of rejection to 33 % !!!
And rejection going down...
Yeah !!! :D:D:D:D

Solutions :
1. geo targeting and
2. presenting ONLY offers corresponding to each visitor for his specific country.

I am in luck because I found a free web (after more than 12 h of research) offering a way to geotarget visitors. So now visitors from france in my site go directly to France offers. Canada to Canada offers, and so on..
And visitors from countries without offers go to !!!!!

I knew that we have to refine the raw tools that TradePub give us here.

And many thanks Karen for the XML catalog and all your help !


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I emailed the GeoDetector guy last Wednesday. The email didn't bounce but I've heard nothing back from him. I pulled the references from my site - I think GeoDetector is dead.

Tom Mahoney, Director