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I produce and host a podcast for IT service providers and computer business pros called The Force Field. The show and web portal provide information and resources to techs who run their own IT businesses. A topic that is discussed from time to time in tech forums and newsgroups is the value of trade publications. Since I promote them on my site as a resource for IT pros I thought I would do a show on the topic. This wasn't intended as an infomercial for trade publications and I was concerned that some of my listeners would perceive it as such. The focus was to explain how trade publications can be used as a resource or tool to learn the business and keep up with the industry. However, the marketing potential is there. The show was carefully written and edited to promote the value of subscribing to free trade publications without alienating listeners with a blatant sales pitch. In addition, although the episode was intended for my show, it was also designed for rebranding. It can be customized for release as a promotional podcast or audio presentation for other RevResponse partners. If anyone is interested in rebranding it for your website or company you can contact me at the e-mail address below. I just released the episode last night. If anyone would like to check it out it is The Force Field Episode 34 - The Trade Publication Review. You can listen to it at or at If you do not want to listen to the entire show, the segment is in the second half at 11:16 and is approximately 12 minutes in length. Rick Savoia The Force Field podcast
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Hi Rick,
Your podcast is great and the inclusion of trade publications into this type of media is fantastic. I'll be interested to hear how you think this affects your conversions. Please keep me posted.

On a slightly separate note, have you ever considered voice-over work? You've got a voice that could make good money reading books on tape :)

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Thanks for the kind words, Karen. Actually, I have a background spanning 14 years in television broadcasting. I wrote, produced and did voice work for commercials and promos, including character voices.

It will be interesting to track the response of the segment. I'll keep you posted.

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I guess I have an ear for talent :)

Did you do any character voices that I would recognize?