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Hi i need one help that my earnings report sorted by month shows 0 leads while sorted by days shows 2 leads and 12 rejects why this inconsistency.Whether i generated any lead or not.
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Hi Mohamedsafiq,

I cannot replicate the discrepancy you are seeing. When I view your report by time period and sort by either month or by day, I see the same results. In both versions of the report, you have 2 leads and 12 rejects.

Can you email me a screen shot of your empty month report?

To answer your concern, you do have two good leads so far this month.

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Thank you for quick reply actually empty lead is shown when viewing Referral earning report
But when viewing report by time period it shows 2 leads.

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The referral report and the report by time period will never match. The referral report will show you any earnings you have generated by referring other publishers to join RevResponse.

Your report by time period shows your earnings that you have generated by promoting our offers.

If you want to learn more about the referral program read this:

I hope this clears up your confusion.