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18 Million Leads!

18 million leads
I wanted to take a moment and personally acknowledge a major milestone in RevResponse's and NetLine's history; we generated our 18 millionth lead. It goes without saying that our Publishers are fundamentally connected to our success and your continued support is appreciated.
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International Traffic Monetization

world map
As we've pointed out in the past, on any given month you're collectively driving around 30-40% of the overall leads we process from outside the US. With that being the case, we've been focused on offering more diverse monetization options outside of the US and would like to highlight some of our more recent strides.
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Calling All Bloggers - Earn Revenue through BlogNotions

BlogNotions logo Last month, we sent a teaser post about BlogNotions to tell you what it is and when it's launching. We're excited to announce it's here! Sign up now to earn $10 per post mailed in our newsletters. For those just tuning in, BlogNotions is a content distribution platform that compiles the latest buzz in the blogosphere from industry leaders. It covers mostly every vertical in the B2B space – from technology, career, business, and marketing – and our newsletters are received by over 2 million site visitors & email subscribers every month. With the program, partners like you have the opportunity to build thought leadership, expand your audience reach, and increase your revenue. All from your existing posts. That means we don't require bloggers to write for us, but simply to syndicate the blog posts they've already written. Are you a good fit for BlogNotions? These 3 requirements must be met to be approved:
  1. The site must be a blog with an RSS feed (it is a blogger network after all)
  2. Contributors must showcase expertise in the topic
  3. The copy must be well-written and timely
The compensation and payment process are pretty simple. Every blog post emailed in our newsletter will earn you $10 in revenue. It will be bundled in with your other commissions and you'll be paid on the 15th of the month once you reach $50 in your account (net 45 days as always). Ready to go? Apply now at http://www.revresponse.com/nlpp_blognotions
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RevResponse's Updated Terms & Conditions Policy

In order to keep pace with changes in our products, we regularly review our Terms and Conditions to make that they’re still aligned with our suite of products. As a result of our recent review, we wanted to let you know we've updated our Terms & Conditions page to incorporate the recent changes to our network, including the BlogNotions program. Our goal is to make our Terms indicative of our evolving company and ensure the information is clear to partners. The policies we added:
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Unplanned TradePub Outage Debrief

TradePub.com and its publisher sub-domain network experienced some unexpected downtime on Monday, April 29th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and want to take a minute to recap what happened.
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TradePub is back up!

Just a note that TradePub is back up and currently stable. We now have an idea of what may have caused the downtime and we're working hard to nail it down to ensure it does not occur again. We'll send a full debrief once we have it. In the meantime, please accept our sincerest apologies for the troubles you and your readers may have had in accessing our TradePub pages. We are currently back to normal and will keep you posted along the way on here and Twitter.com.
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Sporadic TradePub Outage

You may have noticed that your TradePub promotion landing pages are periodically delivering users to broken pages this morning. Please bear with us as we work on the issue. We're really sorry for the inconvenience. Check out our Twitter account for updates on the situation.

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How to Find the Top Performing Offers to Promote

You're looking to promote an eBook, white paper or magazine to your audience and you want to find the hottest resources in your category. How would you do it and what are your choices?

Your first option? The Offer Catalog page. In this section, you can specify the following:

Offer Catalog page screenshot
  • Category of your content. The more specific you are, the better. For example, a marketing blogger would select "Sales & Marketing". An IT forum may choose "IT - Software & Development" and so on.
  • The Country that drives the most traffic to your site. For the majority, it'll be the same Country where you reside. Check your Google Analytics data just in case. This is important as it'll inform you of the "Country" filter imposed by the Client and will help cut down on your number of rejected leads.
  • The type of offers you want to promote. There are three options - publications (which are magazines) and white papers which encompass eBooks, newsletters, guides, and so on. The default is "All" which is what we would recommend.
  • The Sort By field will have the highest impact on your offer results. Here you can view offers by earning potential, payout per lead, or popularity. Most partners opt for the first two selections. We recommend selecting "Popularity." Here's why - earning potential and payout per lead focus on how much you can make, not necessarily the resource your readers would be interested in. Arranging the offers by popularity gives you direct visibility on the material your readers are attracted to. While the earning potential and payout per lead could be less, your volume will likely be higher. Think of it this way - would you rather have a few high payouts come in or a consistent flow of low payout offers? Promoting the popular offers will offset the lower generating payouts.
  • The "Show Only" dropdown allows you to pinpoint active offers, new offers, or expired offers. We suggest keeping the first option. You can play around with the second to look for new recommendations. In case you're wondering why we allow visibility into expired offers, it's so you can view offers you may have promoted and have gone down since.
  • The Keyword field can also skew the results in your offer. Use it to submit keywords that relate to your content. Let's say you're a developer and you just wrote a post related to Linux. Use that keyword to find offers related to the topic. Or you're an Apple fanboy/fangirl that wants to share iPad tips. Typing "iPad" will yield many results. Remember - the more relevant you are to your audience, the more revenue you will generate as well.

Besides the Offer Catalog, you can also add a prepopulated grid of our hottest offers to a blog post, confirmation page, thank you page, 404 page - pretty much anywhere you see fit. It's useful in that it shows a variety of related offers which can increase click-through from visitors depending on their interest. An example is shown below. Head over to the Confirmation/Thank you Page Tool or talk to your Account Manager about how you can get a custom widget just for your site.

Screenshot of a confirmation page custom pubstream module

In addition, don't forget about our Resource Library (Note: Please use a browser other than Chrome). This tool is available in the Tools Wizard and allows you to add a Resources page to your navigation or footer full of content for your readers. We even brand it to fit the look and feel of your site.

Resource Library screenshot example
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How To Retain Your Audience After Google Reader Shuts Down

R.I.P. Google Reader Say goodbye to Google Reader, which will be shutting down July 1, 2013 according to Google's blog. By now, this announcement isn't news. In fact, our social media channels were in an uproar when the news first hit as we're sure yours was as well. Most of us consume our information through RSS. Obviously, it's not the only platform that allows us to but it's the most popular. I couldn't find the exact number of users Google Reader has for this post but it's safe to say it's in the tens of millions. As users and bloggers ourselves, we're concerned about finding a viable alternative and losing our readers as many others are. Before we get into solutions for these issues, it's worth taking a moment to discuss the reason Google cited for retiring the service, stating "...over the years usage has declined." We've seen many articles speculate it's due to an effort to push more users to consume information through the floundering Google+ instead. While we'll likely never know for sure, it's worth noting that the methods we use to consume news has changed. RSS is NOT dead by any means as it has been contemplated by many authors. In actuality, our dependency for information discovery has widened. We're spending more and more time on social networks and as a result, we've relying on them for the latest news. Think about how often you discovered a breaking story on Twitter/Facebook, or a new job posting on LinkedIn before you opened your RSS reader? While RSS readers are best for aggregating articles and allowing you to quickly scan headlines, it doesn't beat instant gratification. All is not lost and as I alluded to in the title, there are solutions to keep your audience engaged and to ensure you minimize the impact of your site traffic.
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BlogNotions: Another Way for Bloggers to Monetize through RevResponse is Coming

BlogNotions logoIn a few weeks, we’re launching BlogNotions, a content distribution platform that compiles the latest buzz in the blogosphere from industry leaders. BlogNotions is actually an entity of ours that is already up and running under a separate domain. We’re moving it to live inside of RevResponse as yet another channel for our partners to generate revenue.

Until it goes live, the purpose of this blog post is to educate you about the program so you know what’s coming. We hope it gets you as excited as we are about the launch – keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement in the next few weeks.

What can BlogNotions do for me?

BlogNotions provides readers with a full spectrum of information from the top leaders in the space. They cover mostly every vertical in the B2B space - everything from technology, business, and marketing – and are received by over 2 million site visitors & email subscribers every month.

With the program, you have the opportunity to build thought leadership, expand your audience reach, and earn revenue. All from your existing posts. That means we won’t require bloggers to write for us, but simply to syndicate the blog posts you've already written. To measure the impact of your new-found readership, an analytics report will be sent monthly to help you gauge your expanded influence.