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Wouldn’t it be nice to go in to 2010 with a little extra cash in your bank account? We sure think so; and, we’d like to help you put it there. For that reason, we’ve decided to give you a little extra incentive to try promoting our offers through a solo mailing during the month of November. Solo mailings have proven to generate significant revenues for many of our partners on a regular basis. For those of you who have yet to try promoting in this way, now is the perfect time to try. Why? Because we’ll give you a bonus when you do! The Challenge: Use your opt-in list to send a mailing to your audience that includes one or more of our offers. If you are able to generate a minimum of 50 good subscriptions from that one mailing, you will win a $50 bonus (as part of your monthly payment OR in the form of a gift card to the vendor of your choice). *This reward is in addition to the regular commission payments you will earn. You are welcome to send as many solo mailings as you choose but in order to win you must generate 50 subscriptions from one individual mailing (not multiple combined). The Rules: 1. Create a mailing. 2. Use a channel code to track all of the subscriptions generated from that mailing. Please use the channel code novmail1, novmail2, novmail3, etc. for the links within the mailings you create related to this contest. To learn how to use a channel code, read this. 3. You must include karen@revresponse.com in your seed list for the mailing. 4. Send me a note letting me know that you are joining the contest and what date to expect the mailing so I can make sure it doesn’t end up in junk or spam. 5. Check to see if you generated 50 or more subscriptions from that mailing. 6. Enjoy your prize! You have the entire month of November to reach this goal. Start early and mail often but be sure to comply with CAN SPAM regulations. Don’t forget, you can always use the Newsletter Wizard or ask your account manager to help you create a mailing.
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Hi Karen ,
i will send this week a message to my list about internet magazines ,let see what i can do .
regards truly
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tel/fax +44 7092 385 204

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Paul - That's great. Please make sure that I am on the recipient list for that message and that you use channel codes for your links to our offers. I look forward to seeing it.

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Hi Karen,

I have about 600 contact in my list, but i need to use a good software to send them , other than outlook, what do u recommend ? so that my emails do not end up in junk folders and bounce back.

Thank you

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Hi 'justoutblog'

I'll chime in while Karen is out of the office for a bit.

Below are a few of my personal recommendations for you to review:


Hope this helps