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A few months ago we released our offer catalog as a tool to help you find the offers that will best resonate with your audience. Using this tool, you can sort through the TradePub catalog to find the magazines and downloads you want to highlight to your site visitors. This month, we are encouraging you to take advantage of this catalog and we’re going to reward you for doing just that. Goal: Find the best offer for your audience using the offer catalog and blog about it. Rewards: RevResponse will increase the payout on your chosen offer by 20% for the month of October (after you make the blog post). *This reward is an increase on the regular payout of the offer you select. Commissions earned from this offer will be in addition to the regular commission payments you will earn on all other offers you promote. The fine print: One reward per partner per month – select the most relevant offer to your audience as we’ll be increasing the payout on the one offer you choose. Subscription counts are based on the total number of subscriptions generated across all sites in your partner group. *This contest is only available to current RevResponse partners. If you have yet to sign-up with RevResponse, please click here. All you need to do is: 1. Contact Karen Noonan to let her know that you accept the October challenge. 2. Visit the offer catalog and choose the best offer for your audience. 3. Write a blog post, article, or email message about the offer and send the link to Karen. At the time your post is received, your commission will be increased by 20% for the remainder of the month. Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you are accepting the challenge!
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Hi Karen,

So I am the first to take on this challenge, here is the link to my blog post about the best offer for your audience using the offer catalog :

My Blog post for October Challenge

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i wonder how can we review a magazine that we don't have?

www.Nabaza.com www.Nabaza.net www.Nabaza.org www.Nabaza.name www.Nabaza.info

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Weblord - That's a fair question. While we can't give out copies of all of our offers to all of our publishers, we do try to provide you with summaries and points that you can use when promoting these to your audience. If you check out the offer catalog you'll see descriptions of all of the offers we have available. Hopefully these descriptions and notes can give you insight into the value they would provide to your audience.

Additionally, you are welcome to subscribe for any offer we have. If you qualify for it, you will receive your own copy.

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Hi Karen,
I am accepting the October offer!

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onlinehelp - make sure you email me the review ASAP so that you can get the most benefit out of the reward for this challenge.