One of the most effective ways to earn with RevResponse is to promote specific offers in a conversational manner that caters directly to your audience. You can blog about a select offer, promote it via a hard-coded link in your site and/or newsletter, or simply recommend a few offers in-line on relevant articles you publish. As the publisher of your site, you know your audience best and can pick and choose from the magazines and downloads that you know will resonate with them. The Offer Catalog is the place for you to go to search for those free eBooks, white papers, and magazines.

Step 1: Search for Offers

Go through the corresponding dropdowns on top of the page to select the category that most pertains to your site content, the Country most of your visitors are from, and the type of offer you want to promote (P.S. select from white papers or publications which are magazines). Additionally, you can sort the offers by payout and popularity. You can also use the Keyword field to indicate a topic of interest.
For example, let's say you run an SEO blog in Pennsylvania. You would want to select "Sales & Marketing" under Category and "United States" for Country. The offer type doesn't matter and you can determine your filter parameters by exercising the option to sort by popularity, payout or earning potential. Alternatively, you can also type "SEO" in the Keyword field.
screenshot of Offer Catalog page

The screenshot above shows an example of the former with two of the search results. It includes a short description in the middle and a temperature gauge, popularity rating, and payout level on the right.
  • Earning Potential: The thermometer displays three settings - warm, hot, or on fire. This section analyzes the payout for a qualified lead and the ease of attaining the said lead. An offer marked “on fire” has a high payout and a low reject rate (meaning a higher incidence of leads would be deemed qualified).
  • Popularity: The star key represents the popularity of an offer. The more stars you see, the easier it will be for you to generate a qualified lead for that offer. We recommend keeping an eye on this as it will impact your earnings more than the Payout Per Lead, mentioned in the next bullet.
  • Payout Per Lead: The dollar signs represent the payout range would be for a given offer. The more dollars showing, the more money you stand to earn for generating a qualified lead. Based on that range, you can assume that one '$' is at the lower end of that range, three '$$$' is at the higher end of the range, and that two '$$' falls in the middle. Remember that the minimum for any lead is $1.50 and the highest payout is $20.

We put together a blog entry worth a read that discusses how to find the top performing offers to promote based on your content.

Step 2: Select your Offer(s)

Click on the resource to learn about to view its full details, including information on the publisher providing the resource, and promotional offer and image links.
screenshot of RevResponse offer details page

Step 3: Add your Link(s)

You've reached the point where you're ready to promote the offer. To do so, grab the URLs you need from the Offer Details page to ensure your commissions are tracked. In addition to the offer links, you can use the small or large image URL links to show the cover of the offer. You can also customize your newsletter or blog post with the publisher logo.
For more examples using the offer catalog, download the Top 10 Ways To Making Money Using RevResponse Guide.
As always, if you have any questions about using this catalog, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the Forums or by reaching your account manager.