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In an effort to improve the circulation of some of our Oracle offers, we've increased the payout by 60% for qualified leads brought through the end of the month. There are only so many leads available and we’d love to have some vision into who’s going to run the offers -- Please send me an email or leave a comment here letting me know that you’re going to give them a whirl.

You stand to earn some extra holiday cash if you have the audience for the following offers:

Self Assessment Tool: Test the Capabilities of Your Company's Data, Information and Process Assets

Find out how to effectively leverage your business data, information and process potentials. In just a few minutes, you can find out how you are doing in terms of ensuring data protection and obtaining valuable insight into your company's information.

Compliance at Every Level: Oracle Compliance Architecture

Explore how Oracle's approach to compliance delivers the control, visibility, and efficiency you need to support any compliance or governance mandate that comes your way. Companies need a systemic way to manage compliance requirements across the organization. Oracle's unified approach is more sustainable, cost-effective, and adaptable than ad-hoc approaches to governance and compliance.

Choosing a Reliable and Powerful IT Infrastructure at a Price You Can Afford

Learn how midsize organizations like yours can use Oracle software to improve customer relations, minimize risk, deal with change, and make the most of your existing resources. This white paper provides an overview of the challenges midsize organizations face, and how Oracle products can help them overcome those hurdles.

News for Midsize Businesses

In this issue, Oracle will be looking at business continuity – how to ensure that your information systems are secure and stable enough to protect all your information assets. Have you tried living through a system crash when you're rushing to complete a customer project? The consequences for any company can be – and often are – really disruptive. It's good to know that business continuity isn't just about protecting you against downtime and data losses – it will benefit your productivity and operational efficiency too. Download now to find out how Oracle can help you ensure business continuity.

Make Compliance Work for You

Learn how to make compliance work for you, rather than the other way around – with Oracle solutions for the midsize organizations. Oracle solutions for mid-size organizations deliver sustainable results, value and more by embedding compliance into a centralized information infrastructure. This Oracle Business Brief explains how.

These offers will payout at least 60% more than normal for all related partners. If you have an interested audience, try giving these an extra push.

** Don't forget to swap out the "www" with your partner domain in order to get credit for the subs you generate. **

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Start to promote these offers, in order to generate an income "extra" for the holidays:)


Wow that sounds like an interesting offer! I'll surely lock me in:)

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Wow... 60% is much... Sure I'll try maximizing this great offer

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Excelent offers, Thanks



Thanks! I make sure I'll make my clients sign up for at least one of these :)

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Hopefully you can encourage them to sign up but remember, you cannot force or bribe anyone to fill out a qualification form. Make sure you promote these legitimately! Good luck.

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ill try this..hope il be the one.