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We’re noticing that a lot of you all are asking the same questions and making the same suggestions – it’s great! What it means is that we need to clear up some common confusions and also get working on some upgrades. While the development team works on your proposed program improvements, I’m here to field your queries.

Here are some of the most common questions (and their answers):

Q: How can I make sure I know about the contests and features you offer?
A: If you want to keep on top of the changes we're making, the contests we're running, and answers we're providing without having to check the site daily, all you have to do is subscribe for email notifications. Go to “my account,” click the “subscriptions” tab, choose “categories,” and check the threads you’d like to be notified about.

Q: How do I get my co-branded page to match the look and feel of my site?
A: Use the Site Setup Wizard to customize your TradePub page. For instructions on using this tool, click here.

Q: How does a lead get rejected?
A: The way our service works is that you get paid on qualified leads. If you see that some of your subscriptions are rejected, that is because your audience did not meet the qualifications to receive an offer.

We are able to pay you for the subscriptions you generate because we are paid for generating leads for the clients that supply those offers. Some of these clients set up rejection criteria. That criteria can be something like qualified leads must come from individuals who work for companies with a certain amount of employees. That's just one example.

The good news is that the more difficult the subscription is to generate (and the more rejection criteria it has) the higher the payout is when your audience does qualify.

Some suggestions for lowering reject rates include:
1. Use the Offer Catalog to choose specific offers to promote based on geographic eligibility.
2. Create ads using the Ad Wizard. We’ve designed our widgets proactively geo target offers based on the IP address location of the user. This lowers the chance of a user applying for an offer that they are not eligible to receive.
3. If most of your traffic is international, you may want to higlight the International Category page. The link to that page can be found in the navigation of your co-branded site.

Q: How do I create a link for a specific offer?
A: To create a link all you need to do is go to your branded site (http://YOURSITE.tradepub.com) and use the URL for the specific category or offer.

For instance if you wanted to create a link for Website Magazine you would locate the offer on the site we built you, click on the image of that offer and then use the URL in your browser which would be http://YOURSITE.tradepub.com/free/webs.

Q: How can I find out what new offers are available?
A: Although we don't yet have a notification system to tell you each and every time one single offer is removed, we do have RSS feeds you may be interested in leveraging. Check out our RSS feeds here. * Don’t forget to swap out the "www" with your tradepub domain in order to get your branded version of the RSS feeds. For more information about the feeds, read this blog post.
For our most technically savvy partners, we also have an XML catalog that can be utilized. If you are interested in this option, please contact your account manager.

If you have additional questions that weren’t answered here, please post your quandary on the forums or ask your account manager. We’d love to keep the conversation going and are happy to help. As always, keep the feedback coming!

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