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Every month, around the 15th, I post a blog letting you know that your checks are on the way. But, there is some fine print you should know about. 1. If you haven't completed the payment information in the "my account" tab, we can't pay you.

2. We cut checks when you've earned $50 from us. You'll never get a check from us for less than $50 -- the $50 minimum is a cumulative minimum and not one that resets each month. Don't forget to complete your payment information so we can give you your hard (or not so hard) earned cash!
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Perhaps this has been asked before but I would like to request to be paid via paypal. Are you working on this? can you update us? Thanks very much.

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Hi Babak,

No need to apologize...there's a ton going on right now and I doubt you've had a chance to read every morsel we've written on here just yet.

PayPal is currently in the works and should be released later this month. Stay tuned to this blog for a future announcement.

Thanks for your interest and participation.


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I have chosen Paypal as my payment method and I have noticed that the boxes for Tax Payer ID and Tax Classification are greyed out in the form, does this mean that by opting to use Paypal as payment method there is no need for me to give my Tax Payer ID and Tax Classification? I guess it's how it is but I just need to be clarified. Thanks.

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hi pastilan - I'm glad you're being thorough and making sure we have all the information we need in order to pay you. The reason the tax boxes are grayed out, is because you are located outside of the U.S. We only collect tax information from our U.S. partners.