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The beauty of RevResponse is that we pay you for giving away free content to your site audience. The “catch” is that your audience has to qualify in order to receive the offers. This is why it’s important that you know your audience and promote magazines and downloads that are relevant to them. This is also why when you look at the reports, you’ll sometimes see rejected subscriptions. We’ve a handful of questions about these rejects and so let’s shed some light… Q: What is a normal reject rate? A: Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. Rejection rates vary for different publishers based on their specific audiences and the offers they are trying to promote (more details below). Q: Who decides if a subscription is rejected? A:The magazine/offer publishers determine the qualifying criteria for subscribers. The way our service works is that you get paid on qualified leads. If you see that some of your subscriptions are rejected, that is because your audience did not meet the qualifications set by the publisher to receive an offer. We are able to pay you for the subscriptions you generate because we are paid for generating leads for the clients that supply those offers. Some of these clients set up rejection criteria. That criteria can be something like qualified leads must come from individuals who work for companies with a certain amount of employees. That's just one example. The good news is that the more difficult the subscription is to generate (and the more rejection criteria it has) the higher the payout is when your audience does qualify. Q: What factors affect the success of subscription request? A: These vary by the offers. They can be affected by job title, company size, location, etc. The most common reason subscriptions are rejected is geographical location. If most of your audience members are from international regions, consider utilizing our offer catalog to choose promotions that will match their regions. Q: What happens if a subscriber complains about not being approved for their subscription? A: You'll notice that the top of all qualification forms it reads: "[This Publication] is free to qualified professionals." If you get email complaints you can make them aware that there are criteria they must meet in order to qualify. We find that being honest and transparent is always the best policy. Q: What suggestions do you have for ensuring that subscriptions are more successful? A:Some suggestions for lowering reject rates include: 1. Send generic promotions to the home page of your co-branded site. The category pages are by default sorted in alphabetic order while the home page of your co-branded dynamically optimizes itself every day based on what your audience has found success in requesting. 2. Featured Offer Posts: Find offers that not only contextually serve your audience’s needs but also serve their geographic location and blog about them. Let your audience know what your take is on a specific offer and you’d think they’d find it of value. 3. If most of your traffic is international, you may want to higlight the International Category page. The link to that page can be found in the navigation of your co-branded site. 4. Use the offer catalog to choose promotions that will match the needs of your audience.
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Which is the most popular hr book

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Our content is always changing so we do not have just one popular hr book, but we do have a few specific hr topics that always do well. These are talent management and payroll/benefits topics.