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This promotion expired on March 31, 2012.

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What is RevResponse?

RevResponse is an affiliate network that provides business and technology publishers with an all-in-one monetization system. Instead of commonplace traditional ads, we offer free eBooks, magazines and whitepapers relating to your readers' interests that can be inserted in your site, emails, etc.

Why RevResponse?

RevResponse is the only service that offers publishers the opportunity to monetize their content by providing free valuable resources to their readers instead of obtrusive ads. A diverse set of monetization tools, minimum payout per lead and outstanding partner support currently has us ranked as the #1 B2B content syndication network.


RevResponse Can Help You Monetize Your:


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Partners Who Benefit from RevResponse

"RevResponse helped me set up a Resources page on my site to share free, business-related whitepapers. They do all the work and I make supplemental revenue by providing my visitors access to useful information."

Business Site Partner

"The RSS to Email tool has been a nice supplement to my site, generating over 53,000 subscribers in the last year. It was painless to set up and it does all the work for me. Best of all, it's free as opposed to a traditional email campaign service and I MAKE money from my newsletters."

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Terms & Conditions

You can receive $25 if: 1) you become approved as a new RR partner, 2) create an account before April 1, 2012, 3) provide valid payment information at the time of account creation. The bonus offer will be applied as a credit to your account within 4 weeks from the date you earn your first $50 via our program. It will be paid separately following the first check. If you open an account in response to this offer, you agree we will notify your referring friend. Offer is limited to one per person. The bonus offer will be reported as interest income for the account holder on form 1099. Employees of RR are not eligible to participate. Offer expires on March 31, 2012, is non-transferrable and may be withdrawn or modified at any time without notice.