Increase your earnings by referring Publishers to the RevResponse Publisher Network.

The RevResponse Referral Program is available to all Publishers that are Partners of the RevResponse Network. Partners can promote the RevResponse program in any way they choose and will be paid for every new partner that is accepted into the program through their referral code.

Referral Payouts

You will be paid 20% of the earnings that your referral partners generate for the first 6 months of their partnership.

How to Refer Partners

    The beauty of this program is that you can refer partners in any way you choose. Blog about the program to your audience, email your friends, create your own banner about us... it's up to you!

    1. The simplest way to promote RevResponse is to host a referral badge on your site. To choose a badge, click here.

    2. Another great way to generate referrals is to write a blog post or news story about the RevResponse program. Be sure to use your referral link (see below) as you hyperlink to the RevResponse portal within your post.

    3. You may also generate referrals when you promote offers with our widgets which have a graphic in the lower right side of the ad space that reads “Get This Widget. Get Paid.” This text is embedded with a link to the RevResponse homepage that tracks where a new partner is coming from.

    4. It is also possible that an organic referral might also come in through your co-branded site.

Your Referral Link

If you choose to promote RevResponse through a simple link or through your own creative, you will have to include your referral code in order to get earning credit. Your referral code is:

So, if your partner site is, your referral link would be:

*You do not have to be a partner actively promoting our TradePub offers in order to take advantage of the referral program.

Referral Reports

To see how much you're earning from the referrals you bring in, you can check the Referral Earnings Report

If you have any questions or suggestions about our referral program, feel free to contact your account manager.