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2008 Resolution for Higher Revenues Challenge Now that the start of the new year is a month behind us, and we’ve all taken care of our personal resolutions, it’s time to resolve to generate higher revenues this year. In an effort to help you kick-start that resolution, we’re challenging you to bring in extra earnings in the month of February. With RevResponse’s high payouts we know you’ll bring in cash, but with this challenge you can win some nifty prizes to boot! Goal: Beat your January volume by 50 subs/leads or more. Rewards: RevResponse will send you a gift certificate to the online merchant of your choice in the amount of $1 for every subscription over your January total. *This reward is in addition to the regular commission payments you will earn. Example:
January totalFebruary totalDifferenceGift Certificate Amount
50 subs109 subs59 subs$59
100 subs205 subs105 subs$105
300 subs612 subs312 subs$312
The fine print: One reward per partner per month. Subscription counts are based on the total number of subscriptions generated across all sites in your partner group. In the event that your merchant of choice offers gift cards only in pre-determined increments, your prize amount will be rounded down to the closest available increment. *In order to participate, you must have generated a minimum of 50 subs/leads in the month of January. *This contest is only available to partners who have converted to the RevResponse system. If you have yet to sign-up to access the new portal, please click here. All you need to do is: 1. Contact Karen Schubert to let her know that you accept the February challenge. 2. Place RevResponse promotions all over your site, in your newsletters, etc. and start generating revenue. 3. Tell us where to send your reward! Need promo materials? Be sure to visit RevResponse.com and use the Ad Wizard to help you place new creatives on your sites. Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! We are always happy to create custom marketing materials for you - even in months with no challenge! Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you are accepting the challenge!
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