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refer a friendWe've hit the ground running so far this year, launching new tools, expanding our social presence, sharing new ways to monetize your site and releasing feedback surveys. We think you'll enjoy our latest - our spanking new, limited time refer-a-friend program!

What's the RevResponse Refer-a-Friend Program?

As our partners, you're already familiar with our service and monetization tools. While we offer a competitive Referral Program, we wanted to do more. With this promotion, you still keep 20% of their earnings for six months AND you'll get an additional $75 on top PLUS your friend will get $25 of their own to get started. It's a sweet deal, right? We hope you think so.

How can you promote the program?

Our family and friends hold the largest influence on us when we're making a decision. The best way to promote the program is to tell them about your experience. How has RevResponse helped you increase your revenue? How do you like our tools and service? Don't hold back, share what you don't like too (Make sure to address it with us too so we can help!). You probably have a lot of family and friends and you will not have time to personally contact them all. Drop them an email. Write a blog post and send it to them. Share it on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. Hire a skywriting service (Okay, this might be a tad too much).

How can you get started?

Head over to the Refer-a-Friend page we've set up, log in to your account, share your personalized link automatically through the bookmarks we've set up or copy your personalized URL to distribute where appropriate.
revrevresponse refer a friend
We put together a special, interactive "banner ad" that explains who we are, what we do, and why your friends should sign up. Add this to your blog's sidebar or post. All the links in the ad include your referral code. Click "Next" to take a look.
Take a minute to quickly post your customized link to your favorite network. Hurry, the promotion ends on March 31, 2012!
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I have added the referral code on my blog post to promote this offer.

From Tech Blog

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Thanks Rabbi. Hope it yields in extra revenue for you.

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I found this in terms and conditions:
//In order to qualify for the Refer-a-Friend Bonus Offer, your RevResponse account must be in good standing. //

What does it mean for 'good standing' ? Is is necessary for me to generate revenue in my account to qualify for bonus? What if i do not earn anything but my referral earns , will i still get 20% referral commission and bonus or not?

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Hi there,

It basically means your account must not be flagged or on hold for fraudulent activities. You can earn a referral commission without generating revenue. To elaborate further, the person you refer must be approved and have earned $50 in their account. After that, they'll get their $25 commission and you'll receive the $75 bonus.

I hope that helps. Let me know if I can answer any other questions and good luck!



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I referred some guys who got accepted in network but they are not showing in my referral earnings report. what is problem?

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Hi Arunrev,

Our reports take 24 hours to update. When did he/she sign up? Feel free to reach me directly and I can look up their accounts to confirm.


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Hi, I refer at least one person yesterday and my referral earnings is equal zero.

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Hi Alejandro,

The reports take 24 hours to populate and the referrals will appear ONLY if they're approved. Feel free to reach out to me directly at ymustafa at revresponse dot com if you'd like more information.

Thanks and happy Monday!


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Great offer from revresponse....

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Great offer... Thanks a lot

When this offer ends?

Edit -

Sorry I just realize the offers is avalibe available until 1 april.

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Not a problem, good luck with your promotions! We're already seeing signups coming in from partners sharing it on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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I've sent you guys hundreds of clicks from active sites for this promotion. You guys even started following one of my sites on Twitter apparently noticing the nice influx of clicks you were receiving. Based upon doing online marketing for 20 years now, I find it very hard to believe that not a single one of those individuals signed up yet my RevResponse reports for "Requests" "Leads" and "Totals" are all zeros. I have two separate tracking methods in place for offsite clicks so I am 100% certain that you are getting the clicks.

I've given you prime advertising which could have netted me other revenues and for the entire promotion I am netting $0.00. Doesn't seem right in any way but even on simple math this is really dubious.

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Hi Paul,

The referral reports only display the number of accepted partners. I realize this could be more clear and I'll make sure our tech team changes this if we decide to run this promotion again. We're currently averaging a 0.2% conversions rate in terms of approved partners to clicks. We consider all applicants seriously and while we have a rigorous approval process, it has helped us achieve our #1 B2B content syndication network title.

We appreciate you taking the time to promote us and I'd love to help you personally if you're willing. The key is to target the right type of user that would fit our criteria. Please feel free to email me at ymustafa at revresponse dot com and we can discuss. Also, I can look up exactly how many referrals you've sent if you give me the site name you're using.


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After a long time I am back so now I am trying to refer some friends to make money, I will refer at least 10 people. I need to make a banner to promote this offer in my website http://www.toptechbytes.com/