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One of the best ways to maximize referral revenue is to share new information with your audience. The sooner they hear it, the better. When Groupon launched and initiated their $10 referral bonus, smart marketers took advantage of it early by promoting it to their email list, tweeting about it, sharing it on their Facebook walls and so on. Over time, others jumped on the bandwagon and it seemed like everyone and their Mother was sharing them. Which group do you think had the largest revenue impact?

As you already know by now, we launched our new suite of monetization tools, enhanced features and a site redesign this week. If you haven't taken advantage of our Referral Program yet, it's time. You'll notice it's easier and faster than you think.

About RevResponse's Referral Program

Our Referral Program pays 20% of the earnings your referral partners generate from the first six months once they're approved. If one partner averages $1,000 in revenue a month, that's $2,400 overall in your pocket. If 10 partners do the same, that's $24,000. As you can see, it can add up quickly. Our goal with this post is to provide you with everything you need to get started.

How can I promote RevResponse?

The top method to advocate anything is to candidly discuss your personal experience with the service or product. What do you like about it? What can be improved? People appreciate sincere stories and yet, most recommendations are short, non-specific and uninviting. E.g. "I really like this service, sign up at [sample link here]." We're smart enough to sense inauthenticity. Pretend you're describing the service to your grandmother. What would you tell her and how would you go about it?

The story can be distributed in a number of ways. The leading methods are social media outlets, blog posts and email blasts. Use an eye-catching headline or title to hook people in and have your entry to do the rest.

Don't forget to follow-up and answer questions or comments your visitors may have. You can also point them to the Live Chat box on our site where we can take over as well.

What type of partners does RevResponse look for?

Get up, grab a mirror and look in it. Yes, we're looking for people like you, aka those that have already been accepted into our program. Our ideal candidate has a nicely designed, functional site with content that is updated regularly and is focused in the B2B space. That is, he/she must possess business, career or technology related content. An email list and low Alexa rank (or high traffic) are nice to haves but not mandatory.

I've referred a few partners, how do I keep track of them?

To check your number of referrals and referral revenue, click on "Referral Earnings Report" under the Reports tab. Note: You'll only see earnings appear when your referrals start generating revenue. The same is true for the "Partners Referred to Date:" number. We will make this more comprehendable in the next site redesign (Yes, it's going to get even better!).

How do referral payments work?

Referral payments are bundled in with your normal payments. If you usually generate $25 a month and you make up the other $25 in referral earnings (our minimum payout is $50), you'll receive your payment sooner with a check or a PayPal transfer.

Questions? Comments? Ideas on how we can improve our referral program? Let us know in the comments!

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