About RevResponse Reports

The RevResponse partner portal puts your activity and earning statistics at your fingertips. There are a variety of reports you can view to see how your efforts are performing. You can find your stats in the reports located in the left navigation of the site.
Report by Time Period To see how your account performed over a specific time period, select this report. Here you can enter in the specific days, weeks, or months you’d like to investigate. *When viewing statistics by day, the data is only available for the past 90 days. This is an effort to keep the load time for the reports manageable. If you need daily statistics for a longer period of time, contact your account manager for help. With the Report by Time Period, you can see the subs/leads you’ve generated, your reject rate, your earnings, and the average dollar amount (eEPF – effective earnings per form) you’re making for each form that’s submitted through your site. This number will vary from day to day based on the revshare you’re earning for certain offers.
Report by Offer With the Report by Offer you can see how well different magazines, downloads, etc. are performing with your audience. Here, the report shows the offer’s code, name, and the subscriptions and rejects that have come from visitors to your site. With this report you can track the offers that best resonate with your audience and with these statistics you can determine which offers to promote with more effort.
Report by Site If you have multiple websites, we can set you up with multiple partner URLs so that you can promote differently for each site you own. In these cases, you’ll want to utilize the Report by Site in order to track how your different pages are performing with RevResponse offers. This report notes the subscriptions, rejections, and earnings that your different sites brought in.
Referral Earnings Report If you’ve taken advantage of our referral program, you’ll want to see how many partners you’ve brought in and how much money they’ve earned for you. The Referral Earnings Report will give you that information.
Report by Channel You’ll want to use this report if you’ve coded your promotions for measurement independent of one another. (click here for more information).
Payment Report The payment report displays the various payments RevResponse has made to you, when they were made, and how much you were paid. The dollar amounts displayed in this report include the earnings from your subscriptions, referrals, and any bonuses you may have earned (from various contests or challenges). Note: This report is only updated once a month after payments have been made (around the 15th of the month).