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Two of the top requested features for our RSS to Email tool is 1) a widget to count the number of list subscribers and 2) new designs for our opt-in boxes.

Viola - they're here! For the counter widget, we've created 4 designs to choose from in various colors. If you need an incentive to add it to your sidebar, we've also included your referral link in the image. That means if a visitor clicks on the counter and signs up to RevResponse, you'll earn 20% of their revenue for the first six months of their partnership.

You've worked hard to build your list. Now is the time to show it off. Here's how to add one of these counters to your site:

Step 1: Select the design you want to add from the selection above.

Step 2: Select the colors you'd like to match your site. Keep in mind the "Powered by RevResponse" text cannot be modified. In the first design, you can modify the color of the numbers & "subscribers" text as well as the blue background color. In the second, the green background can be changed as well as the "subscribers" text. For the third, you can select a color for the background color and border. Finally, the numbers in the fourth design can be altered.

Step 3: Email your Account Manager with the information above and they'll send a custom branded file with the code needed to add it. If there are specific hex colors you'd like to include, you can pass them along as well. A quick note if you don't like the colors you get back, you can modify them yourself in the HTML once you have the code.

Almost the same process goes for the opt-in boxes. There are 4 subscriber widgets to choose from. Select the color, size and email your account manager. You can also choose to remove the borders. Note: Sizes are not true to size.
RevResponse subscriber widgets

We'll be adding these to the site momentarily. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know you can start taking advantage of them now.

Have a question or suggestion? Let us know in the comments!

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Can you please send me custom code for 2 and 3 option.