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Traditional banner ads have a conversion rate of less than one percent.

Yes, you read that correctly.

As a result, online visitors have developed what has been coined as banner blindness to commonplace contextual advertisements. However, they're still widely prevalent and other ad networks heavily rely on them to promote their creatives.

At RevResponse, we understand the banner ad medium has declined and are constantly thinking about how we can innovative to help our partners increase their audience revenue. We combat it by offering free resources our partners' audience wants. Instead of redirecting them to a random third-party site, we provide your readers with a seamless user experience by co-branding your Resource Library.

To continue driving up the standard, we're getting ready to launch three new monetization tools this week. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming (in no particular order):

1) Offer Lightbox

monetize slider

This tool allows users to add the capability for visitors to download a free offer using a lightbox when they first visit your site. By default, it will be set to fire after a three-second delay and it also has a three-day cookie duration. Both can be altered to your preferences. There will also be a cool feature allowing you to further target and optimize your organic search engine referral traffic.

2) Slideout Box

monetize slider

Boost your revenue and add a slider with a featured offer that emerges from the right corner of your site. Set to appear halfway down the page, it can also be set with a specific color and categories.

3) TopBar

monetize top toolbar of site

This toolbar features one of our offers and can be added to appear on the top of your site as an additional touch point for your readers. Publishers can customize the colors and select specific categories. On the front-facing side, the bar can be minimized and expanded to provide a seamless experience to your visitors.

Bonus: You will also be able to add and configure your own confirmation page ad modules!

Which of these tools are you most looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments. If you have ideas for other tools, let us know and we may build it!

We have another surprise for you...we've also redesigned our site! Check out our Twitter feed or Facebook fan page for an exclusive preview.

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Good stuff, I hope. In addition, how about having one of those pop up bars at the bottom of the page?

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Hi work911, I'm glad you like them! I've documented your comment to see if we can add the feature to select the location for another release. Thanks!

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wow thank you very much for these new tools

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work911's picture

Can't get the slidebox to work. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

See: http://work911.com/planningmaster/test.htm

yasmine's picture

So glad you're trying it already!

The slideout box is set to trigger as you scroll down a page. Add a couple of posts to the page and see what happens when you navigate to the bottom of your screen. It should appear then. Please let me know how it turns out.


work911's picture

Before I posted here, I tested it on several different pages, in several different browsers, and no go. I used a blank page just to see what would happen, and whether your script might have a conflict with other things on the page.

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I'm sure we can help figure it out. What websites have you tried them on and using what browsers? Can you list that or other scripts you're running? I'll get our tech team on it right away. Thanks for letting us know!