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We'd like to thank all of you who sent in your praises of RevResponse. It's so nice to hear that our efforts are making a difference to so many of you. And it encourages us to keep at it and work even harder to keep impressing you! As promised, you showered us with affection, and now we'll shower you with cash.

The $500 Grand Prize Goes To Rakesh Barnwal of SourceCodesWorld.com who wrote this elaborate entry: "We're receiving 300% increased revenue from RevResponse
Even though we have been associated with NetLine for a long time, we signed up for RevResponse in Oct. 07. Ever since then, we have seen our revenue shoot up. Earlier, we used to receive $0.50 per qualified form. Now, we are getting at least $1.50 for the same. This is like getting an 300% extra for the same promotion that we used to. Our January earnings exceed our entire half-yearly (Q03-Q04 2007) Earnings We are extremely enthusiastic after these results from RevResponse. In fact, in January alone, we earned more than what we earned in the entire last quarter. We are placing RevResponse at all the top placements in our Websites and Newsletters and we’re happy that we are getting compensated above our expectations. RevResponse helps us tweak our promotions Detailed reporting, coupled with daily reports and site level reports enabled us to tweak and optimize our promotion campaigns. We can never rave enough about RevResponse, the new features have been of tremendous help. In additions to that, timely personal recommendations from your staff have been of great help! RevResponse is transparent and involving The new portal also encourages publisher participation in discussions, and hence, makes RevResponse the most transparent and involving publisher partnership platforms. Publishers can post their frank opinions and comments about the programs. In fact, most of the publisher requests are also addressed, whether it is related to promotional material or related to a feature request. We receive Personal Attention from NetLine I am really impressed with the personal attention that we have received from Vincent Chiarlone, from whom we have been receiving important newsletters, alerts about new subscriptions and personal advice on increasing revenue on a regular basis. Timely Payments & Great Bonuses! To be frank, its fun to be associated with RevResponse. We always receive our payments on time. In addition to that, the monthly challenges are really fun-filled and exciting. We have ourselves won more than $700 worth of gift certificates of vendor of our choice via participation in various challenges. Thanks a ton NetLine, you make our e-shopping a pleasure! We must say, we are a happy."

The $250 Second Place Winner is Yan Fortin of [Geeks are Sexy] Technology News who provided this glowing tidbit: "Three reasons why RevResponse kicks [booty] 1- RevResponse provides a means for you to offer free and interesting content to your readers. Not only do you bring value to people visiting to your site, but you fatten up your wallet in the process. 2- Their account managers are always there to help you. An example: A few weeks ago, Laurie, my RevResponse account manager, contacted me with a new offer that was providing a high payout. She said it would work well with my audience. The result? I earned nearly $200 for about two minutes of work. No joke. All RevResponse offers may not be perfect your site, but when one is, you can be sure that your representative will be there to help you cash in. 3- RevResponse has a great web site that has everything you need to get started in minutes. Setting up their offer module on your site or blog couldn't be easier with their easy-to-use ad wizard, and if you're struggling or need something very specific, someone will be there to assist you! All in all, RevResponse has helped me pay my mortgage for the past two years and is one of the best site-monetization services on the Net!"

And in Third Place, with $100 Winnings is Deb Alloway from ToolButton Inc. with this to say about the program: "As a partner with NetLine since 2003, you can trust me when I say this is a great company to work with. Not only because of the revenue dollars they help us earn or the inventory they provide it includes the personal contact and respect they have for us. Let me give you a recent example. In 2007 we worked hard with our NetLine representative to increase revenue. The results were positive. Later in the year RevResponse was launched, our account representative went on maternity leave and our revenues declined. Might have been a coincidence but what happened next was a true test of cooperation and team work. Using the online forum we communicated directly with the RevResponse Development Team to provide feedback on our experiences with the new site. Within hours suggestions were tried, tested and in most cases implemented (not all our ideas were great). When our NetLine representative returned from maternity leave she noticed a new publication on the TradePub list; she knew it was a perfect match for us and wasted no time letting us know. From our end a dedicated email promotion was created and sent within hours. The results were measured the next morning in reports posted on RevResponse. The combined efforts and quick reactions of the NetLine representative and our design team as well as online reports from RevResponse showing an 87% increase in revenue from the previous month enters this into the books as a tremendous success. What a team!" We're so impressed with all of the wonderful submission we received and would like to thank all of you for sending your comments and praise. It was difficult to choose from all of your excellent insights and so we'd like to note the additional submissions that received votes on our end as honorable mentions:
  • Arun Kumar Maurya, downloadebookz.com
  • Dave Bradley, sciencebase/chemspy
  • Jason Sprague, 7 Second Resources, Inc.
  • Jeff Lalier, creativepro.com
  • Michelle Rowton, attackprevention.com
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I really amazed to see my name in considerable list. even i diden expect it coz i joined revresponse just before a week and written just what i felt. Congrats to all winners they really did good effort while writing testi. I written testi almost one fifth than winners as i couldn't write much coz of being a newbie to revresponse. It doesn't matter for me coz i have already made around $80 in 6 days and i am happy with performance with this program. I would like to see more contest in future to encourage publishers. Thanks to staff of revresponse.


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Whoa, we got a bunch of rejections - 100% today. *sigh*

How does a lead get rejected? Please explain in detail.


arunrev's picture

It is ok not to disclose rejection criteria but at least it should be shown how much we got for which qualified lead? It can be shown in 'Report by Offer' section.

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Hi Arunrev,

Unfortunately at this time we're not detailing the payouts for specific offers. We report how many leads you generated and your total revenue but we don't break that down by which offer brought in which specific payout. While we don't divulge this information at this time, you can be sure that you will always generate the guaranteed minimum of $1.50 per qualified form submitted and as you can see in your earnings report, in many cases you're earning much more. Your ability to generate more than the guaranteed minimum is directly tied to the kinds of offers your audience are interested in.

In general, magazines tend to payout on the lower end of the spectrum while downloadable content like white papers and such definitely payout on the higher end of the spectrum. But, just because an offer pays well it doesn’t necessarily correlate into your audience being as interested in requesting the offer and the criteria is often harder to match. It’s all about finding a balance that works for both your earning expectations and your audiences needs.

I hope this helps for now.

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Hi, I'm puzzled re payout since I have only been experimenting with two offers and have received the min so far for both. But yesterday I got $1.69 for one (that had previously generated $1.50). Not that I don't like the extra change but what's up with that?

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Hi Babak. The longer you're with the program, the more different payouts you'll see. Keep checking those reports and running different offers and you'll see plenty of different earnings. If you think any of our white paper offers will meet the needs of your audience, try promoting those. The payouts are usually much higher.

As per the additional revenue you earned for that same offer, it has to do with co-registration earnings. As you may have noticed, at the end of some qualification forms for certain offers you see additional magazines, downloads, etc. being listed. If a visitor to your site, fills out a qualification form and selects any of the additional offers listed at the bottom of the form, you will earn a share of the revenue generated from those actions as well. Below is an example of what these offers could look like:

This may explain the extra earnings.

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thank you

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A person picks the magazines and fills out a whole page of information only to find out he's been rejected from the offers.

Isn't it a slap in the face and a waste of their time?

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While not everyone will receive every offer they apply for, many will and do. We're proud of the content we are able to offer, but in order to supply this content for free, we have to be somewhat selective of who we give it away to.

On your co-branded site there is text that reads, "All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify." Hopefully, in knowing your audience, you can position the best suited offers to them and limit the rejects.

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Thanks guys :)

I guess we can expect this to add itself to you next monthly check? :)

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We can add it to your next check or we can get you a gift card to an online vendor of your choice. It's up to you. Do you have a preference?

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Thanks for putting this contest together and displaying the winning entries. I enjoyed reading them - it is always good to hear about the experiences of other members.

Deb Alloway
Business Development Manager

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Deb - I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the contest. We enjoyed reading all of the entries that we received. Would you prefer your $100 added to your next check, or would you like a gift card?