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During the months of November and December, RevResponse is running the biggest, most exciting partner contest in network history. The goals are reasonable and the prizes are incredible. Every single partner can win! Yesterday, you should have received an email with your contest goal and coordinating prize. If you didn’t receive the email from us, let me know. I’ll be sure to send it again so you know what you’re aiming for. It couldn’t be easier. Hit the goal set in the email, and we’ll send you a prize.

What’s at stake? This is the most aggressive contest RevResponse has ever released. These are by far the coolest prizes we’ve ever offered. Don’t miss out! Your prize potential and goal was determined by your performance so far in 2010. Possible prizes include... The new Apple MacBook Air. The Dell Inspiron One. A new iPod Nano. An Amazon Kindle. A Keurig Brewing System. A six month subscription to NetFlix. Six months of Starbucks coffee delivered to your home or office. Or many cash prizes. Check your email. Find out your goal and your prize. Contact me to participate. What are you waiting for? *If you are located internationally, RevResponse reserves the right to send you a cash prize equal in value to the prizes listed in your email. Back in July, RevResponse sent UbuntuGeek an iPad for winning the summer contest. Will you be our next big winner?
*If you didn’t receive an email from us about the contest, please let me know!*
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Karen i did receive email but the link is not working could you please send us that email with contest details.I want to participate in this contest

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ubuntugeek- I sent you an email with the contest details. Let me know if you have questions!

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count me in too


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Indie - You're in! Good luck.

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Well, I haven't received my kindle yet. (just kidding). Looks like we surpassed our goal for Nov. Do we get something additional if we also do it in December?

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Great job this month, Work911!

Nice try scoring the Kindle. Your account manager will be contacting you over the next day or two (if they haven't already) to coordinate the prize distribution.

The contest was simply to hit the goal in either November or December. Since you did it in November, you'll get the prize for those efforts. No bonus in December; but, keep up the good work. The earnings should give you something to smile about on their own.

Also, FYI, if you manage to keep your earning average up on a regular basis, the next time we run a contest like this you will be vying for a Kindle (or a MacBook).

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You ARE kidding about the Kindle, right?

I wish we could get things back to our best months, where we did about 10 times the revenue we did last month. Sigh. Things change.

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I am kidding about the Kindle this time. You were vying for a $50 bonus. Dan will follow-up via email. Congrats!

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Drat. You need to put a little smiley in there, then. My wife and I were talking yesterday about buying a Kindle or perhaps three, so I was excited there for a macrosecond. I love contests where it's not impossible to win, and it does motivate.

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I did not receive the contest information.


Jim Kaplan CIA CFE
The Global Resource for Auditors

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Hi Jim - I just forwarded you a copy of the email from yesterday. Let me know if you do not receive it.

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I didn't receive the email..

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Alzack, Silla, Ilasabba, Danoctav, August88 –
I just resent your contest emails. Can you be sure that you have white-listed info@revresponse.com and also that we have your most up-to-date email address on file in the “My Account” section of RevResponse? We need to be able to reach you with contests, announcements, and more.

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Hi Karen,

Unfortunately I have not received the mail!


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I would like to join in, i will send you a short email after this post. is this about 25 referrals?

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Please send me the email with the contest goal. I haven't received such an email yet.

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Hi Karen,

I haven't received the email either.


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Hi Karen, I also did not receive the email too.
Hope to get the email soon.


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Can you participate in 2 challenges ? Since November has just started and Im about to complete the challenge and I wont have any goal for December. :D

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Bytes2000 - Great job so far! If you read "the small print" in the contest email you'll see that this contest is for either November or December.

The good news is that even when the contest is over you'll still be making money from the leads you generate.

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I didn't receive the email either.

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Teresa - I just resent it. If you don't receive it, email me at karen@revresponse.com so we can ensure I have the right email address on file for you.

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How to Participate . Got no Email of Contest.
Check my blog

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mcangeli, sooosueme, jabrown, pawan2002 –

I forwarded all of you your contest details earlier today. If you did not receive them, please email me at karen@revresponse.com to let me know. Please also check your spam and junk filters and add exceptions for karen@revresponse.com and info@revresponse.com so that you will receive emails from us in the future.

Also, the email we sent when to the email address that we have on file for you. Please double-check that we have the most up-to-date contact information for you in the “My Account” section of RevResponse. To edit your primary email address contact select the “Account Access” tab and edit the email address in that section.

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I never received an email with contest details. mafresources@aol.com

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Hi Karen,

Please add me to that list of no e-mail received

Thank you



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Add me to the list of no email as well...

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Please send.

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Add me to this contest..

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Add me as well

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pmacy - I've got you on my list. Good luck!

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Im just wondering.. what would be the challenge for the "The new Apple MacBook Air." ?

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Hi Bytes2000 - We chose prize categories for our partners based on their average earning levels over the course of 2010. The goal, for most partners, was to increase their average earnings by a certain percentage in order to be eligible for the prize.

Since you are a relatively new partner, your goal was a bit smaller (therefore, so was the coordinating prize).

I encourage you to keep up the excellent promotional efforts in the coming months. The higher your average earnings are, the bigger prizes you'll be able to win in future contests.

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I didn't receive an email about the contest description. Please send me an email to 123serbu@gmail.com.


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The email was just forwarded to you. Thanks for your patience.