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Reports Up-To-Date

Over the weekend, we encountered a data processing error. The earning reports for Saturday and Sunday were missing earlier today. The data has been re-processed and the reports are now complete and correct. Thank you for your patience.
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Cha Ching! (Payments Made)

Payments for your June earnings were processed on Friday. Check the Payment Report to see if you’ve got a check or PayPal payment en route.

Reminder: You must earn a minimum of $50 to receive payment. If you haven't hit the threshold, keep at it! You'll get your earnings soon. Feel free to ask for promotional advice to up your earning potential.

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Reminder: Earn Extra Cash With Referrals

It has been a few months since we've discussed our referral program and we want to be sure that all of our partners are taking full advantage of this great way to earn additional revenue with us. By referring web publishers to join the RevResponse program you will generate income simply by dropping our name.
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August Offers to Review

We’re almost halfway through August – how are your earnings looking for the month? If you’re looking for a way to boost your subscriptions, use the information here to create a blog post or newsletter inclusion about one of the magazines or downloads featured in this post. Remember, promoting offers outside of typical IAB space and highlighting publications in a conversational way has proven to increase earnings by an average of 70% over what you’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets. Consider featuring one of these...
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July Challenge Winners Announced

Last month, we encouraged you to increase your promotional efforts for a chance to win some spiffy schwag. We urged you to be creative and monetize every avenue of your online existence. Many of you signed up for the challenge. And many of you hit one of our four reward goals.

Our four winners are:
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Meet with David Fortino at ASE09

The Affiliate Summit has announced a new feature that is launching at the Affiliate Summit East on August 10 and 11: Meet the Problem Solvers of ASE09. At ASE09, there will be a booth dedicated to providing attendees with free advice from various affiliate marketing experts. This booth will rotate through new “marketing doctors” every 60 minutes allowing for attendees to meet with the specialists in their field of interest to pick their brains throughout the Summit.
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So Many Gadgets to Give Away, Enter to Win!

With Summer now in full swing we thought it was the perfect time to encourage your hard work. Don’t let your promotional efforts take a Summer vacation! Instead, double your efforts and we’ll reward your success with a generous payout check AND a variety of nifty gadgets. Goal & Reward: Reach any of the following lead goals during the month of July and be entered to win...

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Exclusive Offer for RevResponse Partners

Right now we have an exciting offer that is being promoted exclusively through TradePub and through you, our partners. We encourage you to jump on the opportunity to give this free digital subscription to your users. Monthly digital subscription to Lightwave magazine.

About Lightwave:
  • Applicable to engineering, telecom and network/communications industries.
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Meet Mukul

For the most part, as a RevResponse partner you deal with one or two people here on the RevResponse team: me and your account manager. We are happy to help you manage your account and provide you with suggestions to improve your earnings and performance. While we work on the front-lines for you, there are many employees working diligently in the trenches to keep this program growing and adapting to your needs. Today, I'd like to introduce you to one in particular: Mukul.
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June Offers to Review

It is a new month and we have new offers to highlight for you. Once again, we’ve selected a handful of offers and broken them down for you. Please use the information here to create a blog or newsletter post about one of these magazines or downloads. It’s not uncommon for partners who promote our offers in a conversational manner to see an increase in earnings of more than 70% over what they’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets. Consider featuring one of these...