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Last month we challenged you to get creative and promote RevResponse offers in a unique way. Many of you took on the challenge and many of you blew us away with your efforts. I asked you to "wow us with your creativity" and that is exactly what you did. And one of you created something no one on the RevResponse team had seen before. The winner is... rnanceohio! Partner, rnanceohio, created a match game for his site visitors. The game is simply a fun addition to his informative accounting-focused site but on this game board, he promoted the RevResponse offers. This is certainly a nifty new place and method for drawing attention. On his homepage you will find a link to the game which mentions our offers and again on the game board he gives us another shout-out and link. Rnanceohio will be receiving a $200 bonus for his innovative creation. Play the game for yourself here.

Honorable Mentions

The RevResponse team would like to thank you all for your participation in this challenge and highlight a few other partners that impressed us with their ingenuity. 1. Zinerrific, who runs zinerrific.com added a mention of free magazines and link to his partner page to each order confirmation email he sends to his customers. Example: 2. Adiska03 played around with the RevResponse offers to create a nifty widget of his own. By highlighting our offers as "Smart Reading" and designing a scrolling list of publications he will easily catch his audience's attention and hopefully their subscriptions as well. Check it out on his site 3. Last, but certainly not least, Spatialmedia and Weblord both used their Twitter expertise and popularity to "tweet" about RevResponse offers multiple times per day to their contact lists. By tweeting their "Technology white paper tip of the day," or their recommending to their contacts that they "Browse through our extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, publications," these two partners have raised an awareness of our free offers and have raised their revenues at the same time.
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Great contest and great participation from all revresponse affiliate. Even I didn't win, but this contest is increasing our creativity to promote the free publication offers so we can earn more income. Hope more contest will come in the future :)

Good Job Karen, God bless us guys!!!

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congratulations to the winners and thanks for the kind mention.

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Congratulation for the winner.
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Interesting ideas that are inspiring to all and help us to improve our revenue.


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Congratulations to the winner and to all of you who participated.

Feel free to share new ideas and unique promotions as you come up with them. Sharing ideas with one another will help you all to increase your earnings.

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congratulations to the winner!! Success to all

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Great Ardhindie :) May the best blog win :D

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