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The ideal situation for a site owner or blogger is to have visitors opt-in to future updates by subscribing to an RSS feed or newsletter, and thus becoming loyal readers. Instead of sending messages hoping to be found by their target audience, they elect to receive them firsthand. This is referred to as permission or inbound marketing. It takes an ability to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, produce great content and provide on-going engagement to build trust with your audience. Once it’s acquired, it can be leveraged into creating an email list. The biggest benefit for affiliate marketers is it allows the opportunity to reach an interconnected audience quickly. The best approach to increasing your email list hands down is to offer a resource (the most popular forms being a PDF or eBook) your readers will find valuable. For marketing bloggers, it may be a guide on “How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days” or an Information Technology forum may promote a “Moving your Business to the Cloud” video. The obvious goal is to hook a reader and capture their email address. In return, they attain worthwhile information. It’s a win-win situation. A heavily under-utilized aspect of this activity is to earn revenue from the process. To go through the subscription process, it starts with a user inputting their email address. Most likely, a new page or a lightbox will appear stating the email must be confirmed before it is saved. An email is sent to the new subscriber. Once they’re confirmed, a new page appears with a “Registration Confirmed” message. RevResponse can help monetize every step of this process with resources that relate to your readers’ interest and site content. Here’s an example of an “Activate your Subscription" page. A confirmation page will look similar.
activate your subscription - plain
One of the services we provide is the capability to monetize these three steps with what we call a “PubStream widget.” This is a module that inserts white papers, eBooks and other resources relevant to your audience right into these pages. A sample is shown below.
active your subscription revresponse page
Which would you rather use? A template that takes visitors away from your site or a resource that provides value to your readers and helps you earn revenue as well? Contact your account manager to learn more about how to take advantage of this service or leave a comment below and we’ll follow-up.
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this is great, thanks for the maximized profit.

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Hi, I am interested in exploring the pubstream widget. Can you please direct me to more information? Thanks!

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Hey behawkins,

I'll email you more information on how to add a PubStream module to your confirmation page shortly.


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I'd like the information as well. I just set up my RSS Email Newlsetter Feed.

LaTease Rikard

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I am in the process of setting up a couple of campaigns via MailChimp. Could you please send through info on how I can intergrate this service into my campaigns.



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Hi Gerri,

I'll send you an email with information on how to do this shortly!


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Would you also email me the "how to"?

Thank you!

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Hi Aina, I just looked at your site and this would be a great way to monetize for you. I'll email right now with some instructions!