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Well, thank you for great programs here... I just wondering why rejection value on my dashboard always on 60% - 80%.
I have try to optimize by this way...

1. adding more description in landing page.
2. purchase ads on spesific topics, ex : dog training site for poultry magazine.

but still... i got the same value ... nothin change... Maybe admin or karen or other members here who have promote magazine subcriber have a kill method for promoting ?

Ill be happy for waiting an answer :)


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Ragamasky - One suggestion I have for you is to search through the forums that have already been posted about reject rates. Simply type "rejects" into the search box. You will see that our partners have discussed this topic before and may find some useful information from them.

Specific to what you say you have done, can you tell me more about purchasing ads on dog training sites? This doesn't sound like it would be a fit for our offers.

You would be best served by promoting our offers to the audience that you have established with your web site. The more relevant the audience, the lower the reject rate will be.

Here are a few ideas for you to try for promotions:
1. Promote and offer contextually. Search your partner page or visit the offer catalog to select a magazine or download that you feel your audience would be interested in. From there, grab the URL for that offer and use the summary text provided and the cover graphic to create a blog post or review of the publication. Featuring a specific publication or download within the content of your site puts it directly in front of your users. By reviewing or highlighting specific points relating to the offer you are providing your audience with a valuable resource while generating revenue for yourself. It’s a win-win. We’ve found that partners who promote our offers in a conversational manner on average see an increase in earnings of more than 70% over what they’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets.

2. If you send an e-newsletter, add a section for "free offer of the week/month/etc." Promoting a specific offer within your newsletter puts the opportunity to sign up directly in front of them. The more contextual your messaging is to your audience, the higher conversion rates you can expect. So make sure you name the "free offer" section or inclusion relating to your users’ needs. Additionally, when linking to the recommended offer, consider sending your audience directly to the sign up page as opposed to the summary page. The signup page URL will always end with "/prgm.cgi."

3. Send a solo-mailing to your opt-in subscriber list. Similar to promoting via newsletter inclusions mentioned above, targeting your audience with an email dedicated to our free offers puts the free content and the opportunity to request it directly in front of them. You can create a solo mailing on your own, or you can use our Newsletter Wizard.

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to add some promotion suggestion,
keep and maintain a blog, post to social networking sites like facebook, usually they will allow you on facebook and twitter to post business ads for free, facebook will allow you to create groups for business purposes,
post on classified ad sites, craigslist does wonders as well.

there you go.

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