Increase your monthly earning potential by referring publishers to the RevResponse network.

The RevResponse Referral Program is available to all publishers that are partners of the RevResponse Network. Publishers are invited to promote the RevResponse program via referral badge, posts, direct communication, etc…Referral earnings are paid out when a publisher that you refer is accepted into the network and starts promoting. Read on for details on the program, payout values, and our newest referral badges...

How Much Do I Earn?

Earn 20% of every referred and accepted publisher’s earnings for the first 6 months of partnership.

    The RevResponse Referral Program is an excellent way to increase your monthly revenue stream from the network. Diversify your mix by implementing one or more forms of referral today.

    Once the referred publisher is approved to join the RevResponse network your earnings will be equal to 20% of your referred publisher’s earnings for the first 6 months of their partnership with RevResponse. The number of referred publishers is unlimited and the amount of referral cash earned per year is unlimited!

How to Refer Publishers:

    The beauty of this program is that you choose how to refer publishers. Whether you’d like to actively pursue publishers to join RevResponse, or if you’d prefer to place a referral badge on your site to allow publishers to access RevResponse via your referral code…... it's up to you!

    1. Referral Badges: Simply copy and paste this badge onto your site, insert into a newsletter-you choose. The most popular ad unit sizes are instantly available within the kit– if you would prefer a unique size please contact us to place this request. View Referral Badges >

    2. Write a Post or Review: Another great way to generate referrals is to write a blog post or news story about the RevResponse network. We recommend that you cover these key elements:

    • Massive offer catalog of targeted content
    • Real-time analytics dashboard
    • Audience demographics
    • Responsive forms with social login
    • Lucrative payouts

    And don’t forget, use your referral link (see below) to drive publishers to sign-up for RevResponse within your post.

    3. One-on-One Communication: You may have publishers within your network that you’d like to recommend, and you should. In your direct communications via email, linkedin, etc… be sure to include your referral link.

    4. Resource Library: In your Resource Library and throughout the navigation of your own co-branded site you may notice that below the left navigation of categories there is a “powered by RevResponse” badge. This badge is tagged with your referral code automatically and is ready to drive potential referral cash for you.

    What’s My Referral Link?

    Your referral link MUST BE used to earn payouts on publishers that you refer. Using this link is simple. We recommend hyperlinking text within your post.

      1. Edit this link by inserting your brand code where it says “SITENAME”. This is the sub-domain used in your partner URL. You can confirm by looking at the code provided in the referral badge HTML that is pre-tagged for you:

      If your partner site is, your referral link would be:

    *Note: You can refer new publishers at any time, despite your active content promotions.

    Referral Reports

    The Referral Earning Report is available within the Reports section. The count of referred sign-ups, accepted publishers, and publisher earnings are all available within this report. This is an easy way to keep tracking of your referral efforts.

    The RevResponse Referral program is a great way to increase your monthly earnings with RevResponse. Consider one or more of these referral methods today. If you have any questions please, contact us. We would be happy to help get you started!