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Do you want to know a trick for earning even more revenue with RevResponse? I’ll tell you: do nothing. Sounds simple, right? It is! All you have to do is run a promotion on your site using one of the ad wizard modules and you’ll be setting yourself up for the potential to earn cash from someone else’s success. What am I talking about? REFERRALS!

Here’s how it works:

Your promotions will now have a graphic in the lower right side of the ad space that reads “Get This Widget. Get Paid.” This text is embedded with a link to the RevResponse homepage that tracks where a new partner is coming from. Any partner who joins RevResponse through a link on your promotions or co-branded site will be credited to you.

Here’s why you should care:

You will be paid 20% of the earnings that your referral partners generate for the first 6 months of their partnership. And a referral doesn’t have to come in through a widget; they can come in through your co-branded site: Or they could come through a link you give to them encouraging them to join RevResponse. For example, if you know a web publisher who has a site that would be a great fit for a RevResponse partnership, drop them a note with your referral link, and you'll cash in on 20% of the revenue they generate for 6 months. In order to get credit for their partnership, make sure you give them this link: http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=’BRANDCODE’. So, if your co-branded site is http://sitename.tradepub.com, your referral link would be: http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=sitename. * A note for you when creating promotions in the wizard: you must have the header/footers showing in order to have the tracking link appear for referrals.

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Hi Karen,

How do we know if anybody has joined using our referral code?


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Hi Helen,

We were hoping we'd beat you to the punch! We're rolling out referral reports later this week.

Look for them at the end of this week in the report toolbar.